Twin Flame, Soul Mate, Karmic Mate or Organic Portal Relationship


Twin Flame, Soul Mate, Karmic Mate or Organic Portal Relationship

There is incredible amounts of misinformation and outright misdirection when it comes to twin flames. I truly believe that unless you have met your twin flame you will not understand how it is so different from any other type of relationship you will ever experience!  I am seeing so many people describing their twin flame journey in what I know to be soul mate,karmic mate and the most insidious of relationships, the organic portal connection. (Organic portals leads to a whole other topic of trans-humanism but I will leave that for another time in the near future.)

I have written articles on what the twin flame union is and in this one I am going to try to give you as many examples as possible of what it is not. First of all it is not a draining, obsessive, ‘must have this person at all costs’, lust after them (insert any other regular 3D example of what real love is not.) I am in groups, watching youtube videos and seeing vast amounts of people saying that their outright abusive, co-dependent, horribly one sided, lustful sex oriented attractions are all labeled ‘twin flame unions’. I am still stunned. Twin flame relationships are not about lust, sex, third party involvement (I’m married, they are married), or what that person can do to better my other words, they are on an incredibly high frequency level of unconditional love and acceptance for their partner!

Their respect for each other and their desire to encourage and help the other grow and be of service in this world far outweighs their personal ego desires and expectations of each other!  “I met my twin but they gained 20 lbs and now I am  not attracted to them”…Seriously??? That is not even a good soul mate relationship, ever mind a twin flame union! But this is the type of thing twin flame ‘gurus’ are saying is signs. “If they were your twin they would want to take care of their body and eat healthy and do yoga and meditate 2 hours a day.”  WTH?? Most twins are so busy being of service to others and looking to reveal the truth of the corruption of the matrix system and ways to ascend and escape it, they are not to much focused on the perfect freaking body!

Ok rant over! I am sorry but I am spending literally hours every day trying so very hard to help people find the truth so hopefully this will continue to help in some way.

I am going to put together a list below of some amazing awake and and aware human beings sharing their knowledge and insight on the deeper workings of this matrix world, the purpose of relationships and love and the forces working against love and ascension out of this prison matrix where we are no more than a part of the food chain.

I have great respect and admiration for this man, Bernhard Guenther. He has written an extensive article on hyper-dimensional interference in love relationships. Probably one of the best articles I have ever read and it explained so much of my life experiences with relationships, the power of sexual union and why society is encouraged to waste their sexual energy, why true deep love between souls is discouraged  and interfered with etc. I promise you will have a much deeper understanding of the workings of this reality after spending some time following this man’s work.  You can read the full article here: The Dark Side of Cupid – Hyperdimensional Interferences in Love Relationships

Eve Lorgen has a website with extensive information on the alien love bites. I suggest you spend some time reading her articles. Her most recent one is very timely as it talks about predators using the guise of being shamans, gurus, having extensive knowledge of twin flame unions and unconditional love and using this to attach themselves and drain their victims. The New.Predator by Eve Lorgen is a great read>

And for now I want to leave this link to a man named Wes Penre. As a twin flame, if you are not awakened and aware to the fact that we live in a prison matrix system of recycling/reincarnation ruled not only by entities in this world but in other dimensions then you may not be a twin flame after all. We as twins are here to bring truth to light. The part of us that is Divine spark, has volunteered to be here at this time. As the time loop of this matrix comes around we are given the ability to leave and ascend to our true home. Again, if you think this is your true home you are probably not a twin flame. This website is a wealth of information that i hope to spread far and wide.

I will leave this with you for now until I get time to further dig out more resources for our twin flame journey home!

Please see my other articles on twin flames if you have not already read them, here, here, here, here and here.


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  1. Linda Morton says:

    Hi, Anna, just stumbled across your comments about Narcissists having a soul. I will follow some of your reading suggestions.
    However. I did want to add that we were roommates once for a couple of months in Tempe, Arizona.
    I hope you are well and happy.

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