Before Our Call

Have your questions ready, be specific. I can give a lot of information in a short amount of time if you are prepared. I suggest you also have a pen and paper handy to take some notes or a means to record your call if it is a telephone reading. Please…be open and calm. It is very hard to do a reading if you are stressed and in a “negative” mind set. Take some deep breathes and relax before your reading. I have people ask me to slow down because I speak very quickly. I am sorry, but I simply can’t. The reason I talk so fast is I have to keep up with what I am being given for you. I know some people may find this style annoying or not for them and that is fine. If you feel we do not connect in the first 2 minutes of the psychic reading, feel free to say so and end the call.

Please also understand that outcomes can change and sometimes do, but I will never be afraid to say so for fear of negative feedback or loss of a client. It can be very disappointing to hear that the outcome may have changed but understand it is better to hear the truth then to waste your time hanging onto something that can no longer be.

Please read the advice pages for more on readings in general. If you are wanting a general reading, be prepared to spend at least a half hour on the phone and I will cover family, health, relationships, career, children, travel and anything else that comes through for you. If you are on a budget as I hope people are mindful of, I prefer to work with direct specific questions and shorter readings. The more general your question, the more general your answer will tend to be. I can give you a very good detailed reading in 15 minutes or less if you have your questions prepared. I specialize in relationships and in particular the twin flame dynamic.


Pharrah, what can I say? You are the best! Pharrah is quick with her intuition & does not waver with her advice. She goes on to explain the why’s & why nots of the situation which always gives more clarity into the subject. Pharrah is kind & caring & will not waste your time. You will be satisfied.


Anna, you are incredible. you said “the cable guys are here”, just when I wanted to ask my last question, and our talk time was 7-mins, I was thinking Anna wanted to tell me I already used 7-mins, enough of my questions. 15-sec. after we hung up, the phone rang, it’s the cable guys. I just hope all of what you told me tonight are like that. Right On!!!!! Love You and BIG **Hugs**

Mark Jance / Facebook

Wow…I am just overwhelmed…Anna picked up immediately on everything. I have been wanting to talk to her but her availability has not been during the times I can call. So I really lucked out tonight. Thank you so much, Anna. If you are thinking about calling, just do it with confidence. All I did was say a name…and she knew. Again, thank you…for the advice and for the encouragement.