Client Feedback

Thanks Anna for the great advice and bottomline on the situation I asked about. I am working on the detachment and the unconditional love in addition to my own spiritual developent. I love to talk to you cause you use your gift in an honest way (instead to giving false hopes)and you care genuinely. Besides, your words of wisdom are truly appreciated…Thanks for telling me not WHAT I WANT TO HEAR, but WHAT I NEED TO HEAR. ? God bless you and your loved ones. Will keep in touch of course.

Pharrah is quick and confident in her readings. I’ve been talking to her off and on since she started up with **** and she hasn’t missed a beat yet. Time will tell – the overall picture/outcome is the important thing not so much the minute it will happen.

I enjoyed the feedback from Pharrah13. I have had many reading over the years. The advice given is excellent, and anyone new at Psychic readings should pay close attention to it. I would also like to add that a good psychic acn give you a bad reading.If you get a reading that does not appear to be on track, save your money for another day. The same Psychic may do better another day. Nobody is perfect. Kermit

Pharrah13 brings to ones life everything you would imagine an Angel sent from God could manifest. She has touched many lives in many ways, including mine. I know she often hides her own fears and worries beneath a blanket of snow so that she can help others feel the sun. She herself is deserving of more midnight summer dances beneath the brightest of moons and less painful empty nights filled with an unrequited love. I thank you Pharrah for your guidance and support. I pity any man who ever releases you from his soul.

Thank you so much Pharrah! I am so glad you are there & I’ve managed to speak to you tonight ( I’m in Europe ) I feel so much better after you explained everything, you’re like an angel : ) You are the tops!! Accurate, caring, intuitive, no. 1 for a lot of people! We love you! Thanks for being there & helping us so much with your gift. Have a great week! Lots of love, light & blessings

Pharrah’s by far my favorite. Yes, others have told me the same but Pharrah goes into the matter & explains “why”. This helps to ease my mind & anxiety. Time has moved again because of that darn “free will” but Pharrah has said it’s just a matter of time & to hang tight. She is extremely caring & has a heart of gold. Will not just tell you what you want to hear because believe me, I did not want to hear that he has put off the call for a while. Call Pharrah, & you’ll see for yourself.

This is the most wonderful and uplifting person!!! She has given hope and strength in my situation when it was most need. You will never need anyone else but Pharrah to talk to. Trust me, she definately has a very special gift. Thank You!!!

Anna, What a sweetheart! She never gives you false hope, only the truth! Her website saved me from falling into the false readings of readers that just want your money…now months later she has become a friend that I trust with my life. Her predictions have stayed right on and is coming to an end soon. I CAN’T WAIT. If it wasn’t for readers like her I would have been very hurt and not stood for what I believe is my path. Thank you for your friendship and positive words…….

Unbelievably accuate!!! Pegged my situation without me offering any information right from the begining of the call. Spoke of events and people she would have no way of knowing. Pharrah is definetly authentic. Would phone again without hesitation, but should not need to for awhile. Thanks so much Pharrah.

Anna YOU KEPT TELLING ME TWO WEEKS I WOULD HEAR!! I DID! Thank you for talking me into e-mailing him(I didn’t want to because he had not responded the last 3 times thru the months)!! YOU WERE RIGHT!! I had to put my pride down and do it. I didn’t believe he would respond…HE DID immediately! You said he would call; HE DID. YOU said he would call yesterday towards the end of the day; HE DID! You said he wouldn’t get detailed; HE DIDn’t. YOU said he would want to see me; HE DOES!!! It’s finally coming to pass just like you said it would…it’s been a long 8 months, but thanks to wonderful friends like you I kept the faith!!!! IT’S REALLY HAPPENING!

This woman is amazing. Someone you can trust. I am so grateful that I have had opportunity to talk with her. For those of you out there, this is a call you need to make!

I will only be calling pharrah for advice, she is so intuitive, its amazing. ive called her for quite a while now and she always amazes me with her insight. i find myself psychic surfing because i hate always asking the same questions but so far not many have her accuracy and i come back to pharrah. (pharrah this is a new member name and acct.)i didnt tell her who i was and she still gave the same reading from 2mos. ago. so now i just need to wait and see.

Pharrah is INCREDIBLE – I haven’t talked to her in months, yet she zeroed in on the situation and her predictions are still running on target and many things she said before have already come to pass – Call her, trust her, you will be glad you did!!!

This was an amazing reading! Pharrah13 picked up everything as soon as I opened my mouth – she answered all of my questions without my asking – and she confirmed what I have heard in the past about this person. Accurate and fast and a gentle and loving spirit. Thank you – you made my day!!! When I can I will call you again….Love and light,

I called Pharrah a few days ago to ask about the person I love, and Pharrah predicted that she would push me away– even break up with me—but it would be temporary. Well, I was thrilled to see Pharrah on tonight because guess what? She did break up with me (I hate that Pharrah was right about this!!!), and I called to get some support and advice. Pharrah has been consistenly correct about the behavior of this person in my life…way more than any other psychic…you will be amazed. While I hate this temporary break up, I do know that I can trust Pharrah’s final outcome–that we will be together. Everything else has happened, so I know it will too. Thanks Pharrah.

Yipeeeee…… Finally got through. anna you are a blessing in disguise. Whatever u’ve predictd has really come to pass and I’m sure whatever u’ve have predicted today will also come to pass. Just keep us in your prayers. Thanks. Guys U must give this lady a call she is genuine!

Pharrah is truly a unique young vibrant woman! Her gifts are nothing short of amazing! SHE IS MOST DEFINITELY THE BEST ON ****! She’s true, she’s real and she is someone you just can’t pass up speaking with. Whatever your concerns, find the answers right here with this jewel!

Wow…I am just overwhelmed…Anna picked up immediately on everything. I have been wanting to talk to her but her availability has not been during the times I can call. So I really lucked out tonight. Thank you so much, Anna. If you are thinking about calling, just do it with confidence. All I did was say a name…and she knew. Again, thank you…for the advice and for the encouragement.

Pharrah, what would I do without you? She is #1 without a doubt. You must call her & see for yourself. She’s very, very accurate. The things she told me are coming to unfold, not without some pain as she told me. As I have said before,she gives an explanation as to why things are as they are which helps to clarify events & ones emotions. If you’ve been reading the feedback, the what are you waiting for. She’s worth every single penny. Blessings to you Pharrah.

Wow, your timescales on the progress of my situation have been so spot on so far since September last year. First progress end Nov, issues in Dec, progress end Feb – all have come to pass . My next time frames are 3 weeks & within 2 months she has seen the end of the phase and moving into the new. I really cannot wait. Patience is not a virtue of mine, but I am still holding in there. This lady is awsome, kind, caring, quick – incredible – you must call her. Thank you so much

Anna, you are incredible. you said “the cable guys are here”, just when I wanted to ask my last question, and our talk time was 7-mins, I was thinking Anna wanted to tell me I already used 7-mins, enough of my questions. 15-sec. after we hung up, the phone rang, it’s the cable guys. I just hope all of what you told me tonight are like that. Right On!!!!! Love You and BIG **Hugs**

Dear Anna, Thanks for the reading.I am pretty impressed!!! And I think you are really good. How do you do that with no information in an email?

Pharrah, what can I say? You are the best! Pharrah is quick with her intuition & does not waver with her advice. She goes on to explain the why’s & why nots of the situation which always gives more clarity into the subject. Pharrah is kind & caring & will not waste your time. You will be satisfied.

Unbelievably accurate!!! AMAZING!!! spoke of a vacation I’m going to take and spoke of someone from the past, a work situation before I even have a chance to say anything. Pharrah demonstrated her incredible gift to me more so this time. I feel like to bow to her for her ability. She is so fast and would definitely not waste your time and money. I’ll e-mail you about this weekend. Love you and **BIG HUGS**

Anna, so glad you’re back and feeling better.We’ve all missed you! Thank you for your honest advice, and your preparing me not to have high expectations upon reconnecting with J. I know I have to go slow with him. (believe me, I’m just as scared as HE is!) I know that when the timing is right for both of us, we WILL be together. And all the delays,and obstacles along the way over the past three years were there for a reason. Patience DOES pay off in the end! Thanks for everything, Anna

Thank you Pharrah for your time. I’ve waited a long time to speak with Pharrah. She has always been very accurate & has given detail that others have not. I feel that Pharrah is one of the top 5 advisors on the internet. You will not be disappointed with your call to Pharrah.

Always the best, always accurate and so consistent with timescales its unbelievable. The insight given on issues is so amazing. You are incredible – Thank you so very very much – there are not enough stars