Twin Flames and the Power of Sacred Love

The Power of Sacred Love and Twin Flames

I have been wanting to write this for awhile now. I have seen so many people misinformed and intentionally misdirected regarding the true purpose of twin flame union. There are dark forces that rule this 3D matrix world and if you do not understand that at a deep soul level, you are more than likely not a twin flame.

You must also understand that these forces are at all out war to keep twins from reuniting as the twin flame unions are being Divinely orchestrated at this point in the timeline to ascend and escape the karmic wheel of recycling. We only get certain windows of opportunity to be free with our consciousness and full awareness intact. Ancient cultures the world over have all talked of these times.The knowledge has been hidden from us because if we knew how to escape this matrix system, they would have no souls left to keep them alive. To most this will sound crazy and that is ok, it is not time for you to possibly leave or you may not be ready to ascend nor want to. These forces rely on our soul attachment to this matrix system, they enforce it through conditioning literally from birth! They key to leaving is non attachment…to anything or anyone. This includes your twin flame.

I have come to understand that there are some “other dimensional forces” which seek to destroy true, sacred love and especially the meeting and union of twin flame relationships. Sacred love, sexuality and the alchemist transformation of male/female “shakti” energies is a most powerful thing. In some cultures, in India for example, the entire reason for Jeevan Mukti yogic practice is to become enlightened when one successfully unites with their twin flame Ardhanishwara. Why do you think casual sex and promiscuity is promoted so intensely? Why do you think there is an all out campaign to discourage deep relationships? Because conscious deep unconditional love is the key to lifting everyone out of their system. There is a phenomenal article by Eve Lorgen here that is well worth the read.

In ancient Greek culture the Hieros Gamos  is the same kind of mystical union between twin flame souls, resulting in great transformation, even Gnosis and enlightenment. In Tibetan Buddhism we have Annuttara yoga tantra. In Taoist Chi Gong there are alchemical sexual practices both internal and external for the purpose of greater spiritual awareness and immortality. In all of these practices true love is essential or transformation to higher consciousness. This is why the forces that rule this world rely on the lower nature of human lust to guarantee their survival. If people understood the power and sacredness of sexual union, they would never, ever so carelessly give it away through casual hookups. pornography, prostitution etc. Think about it! You are now considered socially dysfunctional if you are not having sex, thinking about sex, or wanting sex as often as possible with as little love and intimacy as possible!

In Taoist myth as well as other myths around the world, humans were once androgynous, but then the genders were split, due to some kind of “fall from grace”. In the Greek myth told by Aristophanes  the split arose as a punishment from the “gods” because they became “jealous” and feared humans having too much power in their androgynous state. And so the primordial, androgynous human was split into two souls and placed into different gendered bodies. I personally believe this gender split is much more complex than the ancient writings tell us and can even involve some kind of extraterrestrial genetic engineering such as is hypothesized in the Wes Penre Papers.

Some twins realize that their other half is being deliberately oppressed and manipulated by dark spiritual forces so that their true twin flame connection cannot be fulfilled. It is as if the couple—or one partner—is being held “hostage” by these predatory prison wardens of humanity. When one partner “switches off” or is really being manipulated to reject the true love union, they will try to disconnect from their twin. This is the only time I will feel that if one of the twins is being attacked by the dark forces, then they may very well ‘run’ to create negative reactions in their twin.These entities attack usually the less awakened and aware twin that is still trying to get through the dark night of the soul in hopes of also trapping the more aware twin back into fear based emotions as well. Remain in your center and refuse to engage in the lower vibration behavior. Your twin will be ok.

Twin flames are meant to incarnate at this time together in physical bodies. They are Divinely placed and Divinely protected. When you realize this, nothing will have power over you or stop you from union and ascension.

I believe there are many twins being tested as union must occur soon. Time as we know it is running out and once they have the full matrix trap in place, all souls left are eternally imprisoned. Only those that reach the frequency of ascension will be free to leave. I personally fully believe that we will win. This may sound dramatic to anyone reading this that is not aware of the matrix system or has not experienced the journey of awakening, but I am quite sure that most twins will understand this.


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  1. Vanita says:

    Anna, you have no idea how much I understand and feel every word in your articles regarding twin flames. I feel as though you are just seeing my own mind as I think exactly what you describe. It’s crazy. My twin flame and I are experiencing intense pain at the moment but in my soul, I know reunion will occur. Everything you described about unconditional, divine love is the absolute truth. I know we have been together in previous lives and so does he, meeting him was just being shaken up totally and I could no longer live inauthentically. I don’t know if you are familiar with Hindu culture but there is a Shiv-Shakti story with Lord Shiva and Goddess Sati/Parvati that completely and totally resonates with the twin flame concept. Thanks so much for your total true understanding of what it is to be twin flames and the power and divinity of unconditional and irrevocable love.

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