About Pharrah13

I have been doing psychic readings and spiritual coaching for most of my adult life. We are all born with special gifts and abilities to help empower, encourage, and inspire others and I feel very blessed to have the ability to see potential futures for others and help explore the best possible path for your own soul growth and personal peace with my readings.

I focus on your current situation and the possible outcome based on your current energy and mind set. Some things are destined while other potentials are changeable. I am able to guide you to your best possible outcome as well as tell you what is destined and what you are able to alter based on your emotional body and thought patterns. I do ‘predictions’ but they will always feel right to your own inner intuition. A very easy indicator of whether a reader is truly connecting to you is how it feels within your own heart. Please see my article on psychic con artists for a further understanding of what psychic readings should and should not be for you.

I specialize in relationship situations, career paths and personal growth and ascension. I find I am working more and more with clients that have reunited with their twin flame and find themselves in the separation phase. I am able to tell you if your current love interest is your twin flame or if it is one of your soul mates. We cannot reunite with our twin while we still have lessons to finish with soul mates.

Honest Psychic Reading

I will always be honest with with what I am receiving for you. I do not tell you what you want to hear but rather I am guided togive you to what you most need to hear to bring you clarity with your situations. I strive to always conduct my psychic readings with integrity and compassion.

Please take the time to browse my site. I have many articles that you may find helpful to your current situation. Do take the time to read my testimonial page as well. I have clients that have been with me for more than 25 years as well as many new and beautiful connections. I look forward to hearing from you and possibly assisting you with your journey.

Psychic Readings


Always the best, always accurate and so consistent with timescales its unbelievable. The insight given on issues is so amazing. You are incredible – Thank you so very very much – there are not enough stars


Thank you Pharrah for your time. I’ve waited a long time to speak with Pharrah. She has always been very accurate & has given detail that others have not. I feel that Pharrah is one of the top 5 advisors on the internet. You will not be disappointed with your call to Pharrah.


Pharrah is quick and confident in her readings. I’ve been talking to her off and on since she started up with **** and she hasn’t missed a beat yet. Time will tell – the overall picture/outcome is the important thing not so much the minute it will happen.