Twin Flame Runner Chaser Myth

Twin Flame Runner or Chaser?

Ok, I am just going to say it. There is not a runner and a chaser in a true twin flame relationship. I believe that is a huge misconception and a trap that people fall into to justify a co-dependent situation and unacceptable behavior from their partners. In the true twin flame reunion each twin is going to need space and time to process the energy and awareness they experience upon reuniting. It will be a mutual agreement between the Divine feminine and masculine to take the time to integrate each other’s powerful energy. It will never ever feel like they are abandoning you, never to return. That is ego speaking and simply indicates you have not come to the inner truth of what love actually is. Everybody it seems is being told they are in the runner/chaser phase…seriously? Before this whole twin flame concept became ‘mainstream’, I used to call this co-dependency, time to set boundaries, and do your soul healing!

The twin flame union is meant to uplift and carry this 3D world into the 5D. If you do not understand what that means, please take the time to research the purpose of the twin flame union. Even though each twin is awakened and activated within themselves, they may be at different levels of this process on a 3D level. They need time and inner reflection to fully attune to what they are experiencing. From my research and personal experience this is natural and even necessary.

Twin flame separation is a conscious choice by one or the other or both. Although it is not always initially understood why this needs to take place, it is done with love and understanding that time is needed to adjust to the overwhelming energy of the union. If the person you believe to be your twin flame is ‘running’ from you by telling you to leave them alone or telling you they are not interested in exploring the connection or are with someone else or whatever their reasoning is, chances are, they are not your twin flame! Period! A true twin will want you in their life in some capacity, they simply cannot disconnect from the energy your union creates. They may not yet consciously understand the connection but they know you are a catalyst for them in a profound way, just as they are for you.

Please read this and understand: Twin flames are reuniting in this current timeline to serve humanity with their Divine energy! This energy radiates Divine love! People will feel it, be activated by it, be inspired by it! It is not just about you having some magical love relationship to make you feel better about your life. I feel so much pain for people that are genuinely searching for answers and get caught up and sidetracked with false information right now and I don’t know any other way to help except try and point you to the truth.

If you want to know the nature of your relationship with your partner, go within! Ask for your own personal signs. Pay attention to synchronicity around you. Pay attention to how you feel when you think of them. If you must continually seek confirmation from outside of yourself because you are always in fear and doubt, chances are you are in a karmic or soul mate relationship. We must all experience these other relationships before reuniting with our twin flame..(IF it is even time to reunite with our twin. Many souls are still evolving and have chosen not to ascend at this time. Their twin will not be incarnated on this timeline with them.)  Unless we experience the other types of relationships…and here is the key…LEARN from them, we cannot comprehend the purpose of reuniting with our twin. You will feel a strong urge to express the depth of your feelings for your twin regardless of whether that means they do not feel it. I promise you, a true twin will not run from this, not the way someone in a conventional 3D relationship we experience with soul mates or karmic mates will run.

Twin flame reunions are rare! Their purpose together is to shatter the social matrix programming of what love is supposed to be. Are you exemplifying that? Think about it please. Every relationship you have ever had will probably have been based on physical world needs. They will have been based on physical attraction, socially acceptability, who your parents and family approve of, material gains, other words whatever we are programmed to believe we are supposed to love and find in a relationship. If you are still treating your connection like every other relationship you have had, chances again are it is not a twin flame union!

Choosing to incarnate now together is not a love story the way we have been taught to believe love to be. Twin flames will be loner’s. They will march to their own beat. They will be system busters, rule breakers. They will see through the illusions of how we are controlled. They will have experienced things that most people don’t understand. They will have felt different all their lives. Not ego special different, but ‘I don’t fit in, I don’t want to be here’ different. They will feel they have some higher purpose to change something, yet no idea of what that really is. They will have been searching for ‘something’ all of their lives without really knowing what that something is. Relationships will be hard, many lessons. There is nothing normal or conventional about them. As individuals they will have stood out in some way and as a couple they will never go unnoticed. There will be some social norm they defy simply by being together.

A true twin will never deliberately set out to hurt you, ever! They will take steps to be sure you are a part of their lives, even if you are in separation, while they are working on themselves. Separation is for working on your own individual blockages and understanding of what you must do in order to fulfill your purpose. Again, twin flames are here to reunite for the good of all!

When in separation from your twin, you will not feel the same feelings a regular relationship separation tend to invoke. It really is that simple! If separation is draining your energy and making you feel afraid and obsessive, it is probably time to let that person go. Time to go within yourself and face the lessons you are still struggling with and avoiding. Your true twin flame has unconditional love for you and you for them and their actions will always show that to you. If you are separated and you are not busy working on your own life and soul searching for awakening and growth but instead focused on them and what they may or may not be doing, chances are they are not your twin flame. There is no runner/chaser. There is just separation to assimilate the combined energy you create together.

Also see my articles Have You Reunited With Your Twin Flame? , Twin Flame: Fairy Tale or Fact? and The Higher Purpose of a Twin Flame Relationship for further insight.

If you want to book a personal reading for more insight into the dynamics and blockages in your current relationship, please contact me. I am also compiling a book on twin flame stories and if you would just like to connect with me and share your story, please do. If you are a twin flame, you will know it, your relationship will reflect it and inspire others. I hope that we can gather together to share our experiences. Please leave your feedback on this article in the comments below.


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17 thoughts on “Twin Flame Runner Chaser Myth

  1. Pamela says:

    Finally something that sounds like truth and makes sense to me. Thank you. There is so much bull**** out there.

  2. Danielle Rigal says:

    Extraordinary ! I am very interested in telling you about my own story, and hope to take advices from you : what to do, continue on my own for an indefinite time, because of such ( apparent) different conciousness levels , or…what ?

  3. Wendy geer lindauer says:

    Im so afraid that maybe the man that i connect w isnt my twin flame because he has set out to hurt me and has seriously hurt me physically and took things from me that was irreplaceable. Im asking for help .im feeling so confused.

  4. Erin says:

    Thank you for clarifying what a twin flame is. I’ve been so frustrated with giving so much love to others, only to have them “say” that they want to return it only after they realize that I am not around and fulfilling their needs. They miss me when they notice that I am not there to make them happy and bring them up. When is it ever going to be reciprocated? :'( :(. I’ve mentally, emotionally and now physically broken and my only wish is to have someone in the universe give as much as I do back to me. Again.. thank you.

  5. NINES (@Galliformes13) says:

    I met my former classmate 7 month ago. Only Months later i realized that he is my twin flame. I just discovered about this term las month. He is a healer , social worker and a sucssucces businessman too while I’m doing my own little business, produce candy. He know if I was his twin since our first reunion after 26 years going through separate life. I’ve been working in several different city or even country while he has been always there in his home town. He’s currently married and doing so for 20 years. Our connection are getting stronger each day. We were synchronized physically. We have the same broken tooth in the front . and once we made love it feels like we have been doing it forever. It could last for hours, not feeling tired or hurt as well. It was more than just great. But how do we know it was our time to reunite in this timeline. How do we cope with strong bond because when we apart, both of us will feel our energy drained so fast.sometime we were sick at the same time. Please help.. and forgive me if my English is not proper enough because it is not my daily language. With all my heart I would like toThank you for any responsep rovided.

  6. Alex Conor says:

    Hello. In the last 9 months I’ve connected with my twin flame for sure. She a clear voice is in my head and heart since something exploded in my brain on my birthday this year March 5th at 7pm. She helps me function 24/7 with 3 Traumatic Brain Injuries.
    Problem is I can’t see her physical body. Even her car I’ve seen then not been able to see. I met her co-habitating woman last year. The woman I met and could see She tells me her voice in my head is not real but I now know that not to be the truth and I’m not delusion. She has magic. I’m convinced.They both do.
    How am I to be able to see her with my own eyes? I think it is organic brain injury in area of optics. 2 bad ones in last 6 months.
    She can see me. We’ve experienced dimensional and time frequencies shifts and me ascension and jumping 3 levels of existence I believe in 2 months. It was a vibrational dimensional and physical trip but has settled down now to 6th or 7th level I believe.
    Any ideas how or when we can be together in the real physical as well? It is unbelievably sad and frustrating but we try all the time to make it happen. We have to there is no other existence for me but to be with her.
    I know my purpose. Gifts all my life. Channelled in Akaskic Records. Coma for 40 years. I’m alive last 2 years as I can remember in this body. We need your help.
    Thank you. I can’t afford a reading right now. But when we finally see each other you will be rewarded. Thank you Alex and Toni Conor. We got married by Mr. J 3 days ago.
    Al Jones on Facebook. I have a service dog named Buddy.

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  8. D says:

    Great article. From my experience and chatting it through with my twin, I think whenever it SEEMS like they are hurting you, they don’t intend to and they are actually giving you the gift of seeing which illusory block you need to heal. Because the connection starts at the soul you are forced to understand the difference between appearance (illusion) and reality (soul connection) at every turn. The confusion that can create between ego and soul can be and is supposed to be profound.

  9. Jen says:

    Thank you for that
    I was starting to question my relationship with my twin, even though I absolutely knew without a single doubt that we are twins. We didn’t seem to fit the mold that every other source of information said that we should. He was supposed to ‘Run’ and I was supposed to ‘Chase’ him. We have been separated for a week and it does not entail any chasing on my part. I actually told him that if he ever needed to just get away and run, that I would not try to stop him. In all honesty, I am so focused on myself that I feel a little guilty for not thinking about him more. The last thing I ever wanted to do was make him feel pressured in any way. I have nothing but love and respect for him and if he needs more time to assimilate, then that’s what he’ll have. It is my joy in giving him whatever he needs in any way.

    I feel truly sorry for all the people that have fallen victim to the hyped up, glorified concept of Twin Flames and wrongly believe they have found theirs. I pray for them that they realize it before they spend the rest of their life chasing something that was never meant to be theirs.

  10. Niki says:

    Love your articles, they resonate with a purity and truth, in away that a lot of other information on the internet does not with me.

    My twin and I are separated, yet in touch, so yes its true, you will want some form of connection with them and want them in your life in some capacity. I choose to maintain contact with him, abet distantly whilst I work on myself and bring my purpose to life. It seems that neither one of us can disconnect from the energy that meeting each other has bought about to each other’s lives. I see the distance from him as necessary, as we still both have work to do individually. Personally I just want him to be happy and free to be who he is, and I am okay if that doesnt include me, as long as his is happy.

    It’s a journey back to yourself, it takes crossing paths with your mirror soul to put you back on the path to returning home to yourself. Be grateful for that meeting, for it bringing up all the parts of you that are in need of your unconditional love and acceptance. I have stopped reading all the nonsense on Twin Flames, I have stopped seeking reassurance outside of myself and from my Twin Flame. I know that he is a catalyst for me as much as I am to him, that we are both healing, growing and evolving into our highest selves in our own way and at our own speed. This journey cannot be rushed, forced or manipulated, it can only be embraced and nurtured with love!!

  11. Hanneleh says:

    I have a twin flame, I woke up. I made a mistake and my twin flame is no longer my friend. I do not know what to do? I miss him immensely.

  12. Anacletta says:

    What people are failing to understand is that we not the same as people so our journey will fit our personalities.if your twinflame journey is more peaceful than mine that doesn’t mean mine is fake.what if My twin and I are just naturally a mess or got more of a work to do than other twins.truth is everyone who wrote about this wanna be right,they all got their own version of how a true twinflame is supppsed to be but at the end of the day each an every individual knows when they are in a karmic or just soulmate connection as much as they would know if they are in a twinflame union.our journey cannot be the same.sometimes I may meet my twin while non of us are matured,different culture etc they all play a role so you can’t say someone’s twin is not if you not in their shoes,you are in your own journey I am on my own journey.i understand my journey better than anyone else respect it

  13. Anacletta says:

    Truth is when I met my twin non of us were ready for the connection.we were immature.we had friends around us needing to have a say on our relationship,we were young.i was wild,partying and drinking that that I had a temper I didn’t know how to twin and I were both sensitive I didn’t know about the twinflame concept then.when we met I was Inlove with someone else who was then my soulmate but he has broken up with me.i was hurt.i met my twin and there was this strong pull towards him but I was more focused on getting back my ex who I had thought I was gonna get married twin knew I loved another man but he was patient with me it was just hard to stay away from each other.i was a mess when I met my twin truth is I was not ready for a relationship but because we were both young we just went for it.i found myself having to quickly learn,heal and grow the hard way all I can say is I found myself having to stop partying,focus more on my spiritual life,go to church and stop drinking that’s when the awakening started to happen.i came across the concept of twinflame of which I believe the universe has led me to.truth is my twin and I were both broken,we had so much to heal from.after I read about twinflames over and over it all made sense.i read about karmic and soulmates too I won’t lie there was a time I questioned our connection if it was karmic.i looked at all angles but it was now awakened and my twin is left still working on myself,still healing from my past wounds and I realized I never really healed from lots of things from my childhood and there more I see all of this there more I realize my twin and I have same wounds,the synchronicities,how we look alike there is just so much that there is no way he can’t be my twin we just met at the wrong time that somehow our union looked like it was karmic I have now let him working on myself.i know he left because he thought that’s what I wanted.i didn’t want to but I knew it was necessary.of course I want him to grow and be happy even if I’m not there to share in that joy but I can’t stop thinking about him day and night I know it’s the same for him sometimes I would see him stalking me on social media.our journeys can’t be the same

  14. Aimee says:

    When my partner and I found each other again. I’ve been in-love with him since I was 15. We have run into each other over the years but this April we finally got our chance to be together. He was talking bout twinflame but the past month has been hell!! I don’t understand what’s going on. Can u help? Or tell me some where to research

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