The Purpose of Twin Flame Separation

Purpose of Twin Flame Separation

So much information is being presented regarding the twin flame separation phase of the union. Quite honestly I feel most of it is completely misleading! The wrong information can keep you holding on to someone when you need to let them go! Twin flame separation is necessary but it is not the same as separation in the conventional 3D relationship archetype. I have found in a lot of readings I am doing lately that people are being told that the dysfunctional, co-dependent, karmic-bond relationships they are told to wait on are not even a good soulmate connection, never mind twin flames!

In many relationships, separation is necessary for soul growth and lessons we must learn regarding love. But some people are also not meant to stay in our lives forever. They help us grow on a soul level and that is their purpose. Love is not meant to hurt us in any way shape or form. If a relationship is draining, taking away from yourself, causing you to doubt yourself, in other words simply does not feel right at the soul level…it is not a twin flame union and more than likely not even a good soul connection to remain bonded to. Pain is more often than not the only way we as humans are forced to learn. Painful relationships can teach us so much about ourselves if we are willing to learn from the experience rather than run from that pain right back into the same type of relationship. These are our soul mate/karmic mate experiences.

Despite what many people are saying, I personally do not feel twins share karma together, Rather they activate each other to clear away all karmic ties to others that still remain. This is a part of the separation phase as well.

When twin flames find each other again there is going to be some major shifts in both of their lives that will happen at an incredibly accelerated rate. The changes will come fast and furious and more than likely be very overwhelming for both the twins. They will activate in each other, right down to the DNA level, the nature of their soul mission here on earth. This will cause a huge push/pull dynamic….equal parts desire to be around each other’s energy continuously and away from them because the energy is literally too overwhelming to handle. It takes physical 3D time to assimilate this new energy created together. Please read my article on the higher purpose of the twin flame union to better understand what we experience.

For both twins this will be a time of a lot of life changes. They will both be busy processing and integrating the new frequency of energy they bring to each other to reach balance and wholeness. Twin flames are one soul in two bodies. They share the same energetic pattern and frequency. They share the same level of final karmic ties and lessons that must be transmuted and burned away to be ready for their mission. For example one twin may be still releasing relationships that they realize hold them back rather than encourage them to rise, while the other twin may be already intent on establishing their true purpose in service to others. In other words, they are both so intent on clearing themselves and realigning themselves that they cannot give any additional 3D time to their twin. This will still cause the usual hurt or uncertainty about whether the other really cares that arise in conventional/karmic 3D relationships, but the difference will be these ego pains will go away quickly as you will innately understand what they are doing or going through and be perfectly ok with the time apart.

You will feel compelled to let your twin go with love. For the twin that is more awake and aware of the connection it may hurt your ego self, but your Divine self will know it is something that must occur. You both absolutely must do your individual work to be on the same frequency. There has to be separation in order to establish complete balance within before you are able to proceed together with your life’s mission.

So how do you know that the separation you are experiencing is a twin flame or another soulmate/karmic partner lesson? I will give some examples of what is not happening in a twin flame union separation:

  • You are not obsessing about them and what they are or are not doing to be back with you. They will be in your thoughts and in your heart but in a good way.
  • You are not depressed or drained or lose faith in love. In other words, separation does not feel the way other relationship separations would normally feel to you.
  • The separation forces you to look at yourself and what is still triggering you and in need of healing, not what they can do to change or when they will return so you can feel better. You find answers and strength to heal these triggers rather than deepen the wounds by feeling unworthy because the person is gone. It brings to surface immense understanding of where you were still stuck in conventional ideas of what a relationship should or should not be.
  • You view the separation as a positive thing as it frees you up to continue on your own path and get your own life and frequency in alignment. You are still continuously getting new ideas and creative energies regarding your life purpose. In other words, in some strange way the separation still gives you increased energy, strength and inspiration (because you are still connected to each other on the 5D. Once that energy merges with the physical reunion, it never goes away! You have both been activated. It cannot be undone or stopped. This is so key.)
  • You will not fear losing your twin. Underneath all the mind talk or outside influences telling you they may never come back is just a deep sense of knowing you will be back in union when you and your twin’s energies are fully aligned. That will give you peace and continued strength to become your true authentic self. Nothing can stop this union and again, you will feel this from your heart.
  • You will not remain angry or blame your twin for your feelings. Instead you will almost immediately understand that it is your own wounding still in action that triggers your feelings or outside influences at work trying to interfere. You will understand yourself through your twin as never before and work quickly to release these final vestiges of 3D blockages from unconditional Divine love you share.

Are you a part of changing the way we have been forced to believe love is? Are you working to release all your fears? Are you focused on what you can do to create your life of purpose and service to others? If the answer is yes, then you are already fulfilling your mission as you wait for your twin to do the same.

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One thought on “The Purpose of Twin Flame Separation

  1. Lou says:

    This is EXACTLY how I feel in my separation. My Twin and I are on good speaking terms; we love each other immensely; we both feel we will be together when the time is right. We are amazing friends.

    We are both married and have young children. He cannot leave. I cannot have an affair.

    This article spoke to me. My Twin and I still speak, but keep our distance bc the pull is too strong and we are very attracted to each other on every level.

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