50 Signs of Quantum Upgrades

Many readings I have been doing lately have people asking me about really unusual occurrences and what they mean. I personally have been going through major shifts now for the past 4 years. My major upgrades and awakening literally made me think I was going insane. I am pretty sure most of my friends and family thought the same. I tried to explain what I was feeling, going through but nobody understood. They all stared at me as if I was from another planet. (even more then they normally did.)

It took me months and months of research, intensively searching the internet looking for others who were experiencing what I was experiencing. I slowly came to realize it was a cosmic occurrence and something the Hopi had told me would be happening years ago when I spent time with them. I did not really understand it back then but now it makes perfect sense. I did not actually come to sense the patterns and cycles and effects completely until the past year or so. I also experienced meeting my twin flame which made everything fall into place with perfect understanding.

Those of us left that have souls are ascending to the 5D with full consciousness and awareness intact. Something that has only been written about in ancient texts and hidden from us for millennia. Most people will never even realize anything is/has/or will be going on and they are set to remain on this earth. The rest of us are being upgraded for the new earth. (check into Dolores Cannon’s work if this doesn’t make sense to you).

So here are some of the signs of this DNA quantum upgrade and hopefully it will help some others understand what they are going through: From awakeningin5dhealing website:

Expect fluctuations in the fabric of our reality as we pass through an intense electro magnetic portal of light waves. The Trinity Super Moon Gateway has opened, a cosmic crossroads of timelines. There are no clear predictions or pathways anymore. Everyone’s timelines are in constant transition. High voltage vibrations are recalibrating our mind, body and souls. We are leaving the third dimension. Low density karma has been shifted at an exponential rate. Accelerated by cosmic light waves activating our DNA, bringing us online energetically with fifth dimension frequencies. Enough people have woken up, changed lifestyles, habits, thought and behaviour patterns, embracing expansion of consciousness. A tipping point has been realised. What does all this look like? Feel like? How are others experiencing this recalibration of our mindbodysoul beings?

The list below is in no particular order. It is a snapshot of the evolution of a people and their planet to higher dimensions. An attempt to clarify the logistics of an evolutionary quantum leap in time and space. A complex and cosmic process boiled down to the individual, the macro to micro. Do you identify with any of these signs and symptoms? If so, welcome friends to the fifth dimension.

  • Aches and pains in neck, back, shoulders, calves, upper arms and spine, lengthening, loosening of our muscles increasing flexibility throughout our bodies.
  • We may appear younger, fresher and healthier, though we can be feeling strung out, wrung out and exhausted!
  • Sleep patterns have gone out the window for many.
  • Sleeping when they can, be it day or night, to ensure selfcare. This adds to the sense linear time has broken down.
  • Rippling effects in our physical environment, furniture, walls, stairs experienced through sight and touch.
  • Changing perception of timelines, awareness others may have different memories from us. Which timelines are we consciously present in? Can timelines criss cross? Can we jump from one to another? (Mandela Effect)
  • . Directly experiencing Mandela effects. Hyper awareness of the detail in the fabric of our lives changing, glitching, switching.
  • Deja vu, time loops, anomalies triggering third eye awakening and unplugging from the matrix.
  •  Synchronicities occur in real time bending and expanding our perception of reality as 3d.
  • . Resonating powerfully with some people and feeling intensely averse to others.
  •  Feeling a need to retreat from people, avoiding crowds.
  •  Unplugging entirely from mainstream media.
  • Turning the volume down on the general horrific state of the world by being mindful, focusing our intention and attention on our immediate environment.
  •  Sudden and growing aversion to animal food products.Dislocated timelines when waking from sleep. Sense that this may not be the only lifetime we are existing in. Exhaustion after sleep.
  • Blurring of lines between dream state and reality.
  • Unusual interactions with animals, birds, insects.
  • Closer sensory connection to the seasons, changes in weather, nature’s cycles.
  • Obsession with the sky, the planets, moon and sun.
  • Feeling overwhelmed and grounded by routine simultaneously.
  • Surreal sense of being in a dream, a movie, hyper reality.
  • Hyper sensitivity and aversion to noise.
  • Seeking quiet space to think, stretch, commune with nature, practice self care and Be.
  • Fascination with topics that didn’t interest us before: ufo’s, space, technology, astrology, astronomy, quantum physics, spirituality, history, art, the paranormal, esoteric studies, philosophy, alchemy, ancient knowledge and buried secrets.
  • Change of habits, dropping abruptly that which no longer serves to our higher purpose.
  • Increased spontaneity.
  • Flipping between compassion and frustration towards sleeping people.
  • Sudden headaches especially when exposed to matrix technologies, tv and smart phones.
  • Electronic equipment breaking, crashing, glitching, higher frequencies knock out matrix systems.
  • Shadows at corner of eyes taking shape, having colour and resonance. Shimmering movement across vision.
  • Blurry, sore, tired eyes (this is connected to third eye activation).
  • Random memories, flashbacks triggering emotional karmic excavation.
  • Struggling with everyday tasks due to low and fluctuating energy levels.
  • Bouts of high energy efficiency, clarity and deep felt positivity.
  • Feeling of connecting to a natural flow, a universal rhythm that is calm, peaceful and joyful.
  • . Surrendering to this flow and being rewarded with routines, appointments, interactions going smoothly
  • Instant karma experienced and observed in others.
  • Dramatic changes in food intake and digestion, increased need for clean toxin free food, and water for regular re hydration.
  • Wanting to stretch and exercise regularly, keep blood, energy flowing through our mind/bod/ysoul system.
  • People bumping into us as if they can’t see us. Stay cautious and conscious when driving.
  • Increasing sense that something big is happening, changing, transforming.
  • Seeing through lies and deception in people, politics and planetary narrative. Matrix masks slip, matrix mirages melt into meaningless rhetoric. We see truth in our own lives and on the world stage.
  • Understanding those closest to us clearly for the first time.
  • Being attacked by negative people for no apparent reason. Like moths to light they are drawn to awake people. Quiet refusa/ to bow to their will can make them aggressive and hostile. Protection mantras should be integrated into our daily lives.
  • Awareness and possible interaction with entities, attachments, trackers, greys, military interference in ourselves and in others.
  • Educating ourselves about possible other species living among us, the convoluted history of the human race.
  • Increased ability to identify who and what people are by their energy. Lessening reliance on our 3d sense of sight.
  • Increased awareness and accuracy of intuition, gut instincts and premonitions.
  • Buzzing fluttering sensation in main chakras as well as whole body shakes during intensive upgrades.
  • Ear popping, buzzing causing sensations similar to vertigo.
  • Sudden bouts of nausea and dizziness, ground and re-balance with small high energy snacks and water.
  • Renewed belief in a greater, infinite multiverse of possibility, potential and magic.

We are exiting the third dimension. Kansas has gone bye bye. It is a new world people. It may look the same but it doesn’t sound the same, or smell the same, or feel the same. Matrix malfunctions will accelerate, bizarre incidents will increase as the veils thin. Mandela effects take shape glitching our perception of the fluidity of time, we can start to feel really tripped out. The world has taken on a distinctly surreal quality. The sky is different, the planets are different, the sun looks different, the moon misbehaves, the seasons have changed, there are rumours the geography of Gaia has changed. Our bodies have or are in the process of changing, recalibrating to lighter structures able to integrate with higher frequencies. Our bones, muscles and organs have lessened in density as we release long held, hard, stuck karma. The energetic clearing is all connected to the physical structure.

For others the transformation has started in the mind, a political awakening. Seeing the depravity, the sickness, the greed at the heart of the planet’s political economic religious system of control. The anger kicks in. Despair, fear, frustration, helplessness and paranoia induced by mainstream media, technology and political agenda propagated in every corner of our cultural existence in the matrix. Political awakening either takes you out or leads you to the glittering doors of meditation, of inner stillness, outer peace philosophy. Oneness follows closely as we connect to soul tribe, discard vampires, grow, expand our consciousness and activate our chakra system. Bingo! we are awake, properly, wide awake. We learn we are manifestors and the world becomes manageable again, it calms down. We can navigate through hostility, horror and fear. We can centre, ground, be mindful. Joy comes into our lives. Gratitude. Peace. Love. And there is hope. Expansion of consciousness opens us to quantum universes of potential and progress.

Soul awakening can be experienced as one magical far out incident or a culmination of mystical events. We become intimately aware that we are not alone, we are somehow connected to all of the natural world. We reconnect with our ancient self, our higher self, our inner wisdom and third eye sight. We seek solitude stillness and serenity. We meditate. We pray. We change how we present ourselves to the world. We become more humble in our interactions with people. We recognize vulnerability, fear and self hatred in others. We wise up to predators, manipulators, deceivers and demons. We learn as Jedi to harness the Force for healing, protection, guidance and love. Soul awakening is the best one! The body is beautiful, to be reconnected as an organic being, to see and care for our bodies respectfully is evolution. The mind expansion is a whirlwind of sparks, light waves and epiphanies. The soul activation of trinity awakening is ‘hello quantum world we’ve arrived!’

Amazing time to be alive! ~Anna Ellington   Schedule a reading with me.

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