The Higher Purpose of a Twin Flame Relationship

The Higher Purpose of a Twin Flame Relationship

The questions I had personally were: what is a twin flame, why is this relationship so special, and why is this a time of so many reincarnating together in 3-D bodies and is there a higher purpose? After a solid couple of months of researching, meeting my own twin and my experiences with him and speaking to others who also have found their twin flame, I have come to this personal understanding of the incredible importance of the twin flame reunion:

There is no other person we encounter in our lives that has the ability to not only change our life direction—but our soul as well. A twin flame connection is a force that will single-handedly change your life. Reuniting with your twin will accelerate your personal awakening in a way no other person can. Their energy affects you in such a way that you are forced to reevaluate everything in your life that is restricting your true purpose. They will inspire you to shed negative patterns of feeling, thinking and doing so that you are free to be your authentic self. Somehow their energy invokes new and never experienced levels of self reflection and understanding that you have a mission here on earth, a higher purpose. The key factor is the speed at which you are able to make positive changes and how daily synchronicity and signs are presented to you as confirmation even when you doubt it.

It is said that in the beginning of creation we were Light—flames of energy that were separated and placed into two separate bodies. These bodies change in any given lifetime, but the souls always remain the same. This re-connection of the One Soul at a human level involves the awareness, balance and integration of our masculine and feminine components, raising individual and joint conscious awakening within each other. It is also said that the Twins come back together in their last lifetime on the Planet, so that they can ascend together. (There is a whole other body of information on why there are forces intervening to keep twin flames apart at all costs. It is not all love and light in this world and I know true twins will understand this. The key when dealing with these forces is to understand that they are Divinely protected! Some trials and lessons involve becoming the Warrior you were born to be. Many twins traverse much darkness because their light is much brighter!)

Twin flames change us with love so effortlessly that we find ourselves shedding the life we knew, before we even realized that we had outgrown it. They provide us with a sense of acceptance and safety. We have finally found someone who sees our darkness, our pain, our flaws, our humanity and has no judgement. We are set on a course of complete healing and awakening at an extremely accelerated pace seemingly whether we are ready for it or not. The high level of acceptance and encouragement we receive from our twin is a safe haven where we can remove our masks and expose our dark sides, our supposed flaws, inadequacies, our shadow self. In other words you can finally be your authentic self. In my case, this was done without logical understanding of what twin’s energy was doing to me for many months. They also confuse the daylights out of us because they are usually not someone we would ever consciously choose to love. Many, many twins are gobsmacked by the power of the initial attraction despite multitudes of logical reasons for why the relationship would never work.

For those who have experienced the uniqueness of this connection, we know that all others cannot compare to our twin. I still find it hard to put into mere words how my twin’s energy affects me. His energy literally magnifies my own energy off the chart. It inspires me to seek the best in myself and strive to live my purpose. It ignites a fire within to shed anything and anyone that does not align with my heart, with what I feel to be right for me. His energy raises my vibration to a level I have never experienced before with anyone else. There are many sources of information out there saying this is very hard relationship with so much negative behavior that is claimed is all ‘part of the process’.I so deeply disagree with this! The energy you and your twin create together is the most powerful energy I have ever felt with anyone..EVER. In the most positive of ways, no matter what 3D hurdles we must face.

This is such a difficult concept to grasp for people who have not experienced this, because nothing in the world has prepared any of us for what this connection feels like, or how it pulls us in stronger than the moon on the tides. But the reality is that if this connection wasn’t so powerful, it wouldn’t be able to serve its ultimate purpose for our destiny. There isn’t any way to awaken at such an accelerated rate without the catalyst of our twin. We are able to clear lifetimes of karma within this lifetime. We are able to awaken to Spiritual truths that would normally be hidden and forgotten through multiple lifetimes. All of this has been destined to occur through Divine timing at the time of earth’s ascension.

We can’t be propelled from the complacency and comfort of our sleep and into the chaos of ascension without our twin. Only the one who has the map of our soul will be able to pull us out of our hiding places and propel us forward on our journey of awareness. Our twin is a human GPS system guiding us to new levels of healing and love. Aptly put: “One primary element of the the Twin Flame relationship is that your Twin knows you better than any other person in the Universe, even if you have not had much or indeed any time together in ‘real’ life. This Knowing transcends, experience, personality or habitual behavioral programming, and provides an impetus for change that is fast and furious. Anything that needs healing is healed; anything that needs letting go of, is let go. If it isn’t then the Twins know this and together they move towards its resolution, rapidly.” ~Michael Rice

Through their ability to know exactly what buttons to push and which parts of ourselves get stuck on the desires of our egos, only they are able to see where we need to grow and how best to accelerate that for our overall soul development. This is all done with complete and unconditional love for each other. No other person can provide the safety and understanding we need to accomplish conscious awakening. What is even more bizarre is that neither of the twin flames need to even be fully aware of the other’s purpose in their life for the metamorphosis to begin. I have talked to other true twins and the consensus is that recognition was not in conscious awareness despite the incredible changes and growth both twins began upon meeting each other. Although my twin has an awareness of my importance, I don’t feel he fully understands the connection yet although he seems to be accelerating his growth as well.

And once the reunion awakens the twins then what? Despite how the relationship might appear to others, it is primarily one that involves Spiritual service to Earth’s ascension. This is the main reason for Twins finding and reconnecting to each other, as the relationship generates a massive amount of creative energy and unconditional love, which is utilized not just for their own evolution but for the good of all!

The Universe is orchestrating this Spiritual potential at this time, and realizing it through these unions. Simply by recognizing and transmuting all negativity within themselves they awaken to their Divine purpose through mutual unconditional love for one another. By default, this raises the vibration of the collective to heal as well and possibly rise to their own awakening. Twin flames are here to bring about a higher expression of Universal love and be an example to others. This means that the love expressed is not just between each other; it also encompasses and ignites the love that Divine Spirit has for all of humanity. The fire energy of their reunion is meant to burn away the veils of illusion and transmute the darkness to light for all who are ready to escape the karmic wheel we have been imprisoned by and ascend to new levels of being.

(Please see my other articles on my personal experience  as well as this article . It has been an incredible journey so far!)

~Anna Ellington

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9 thoughts on “The Higher Purpose of a Twin Flame Relationship

  1. C says:

    Thanks for this article, everything you said really resonated with me. I look at my twin flame connection exactly like this. Well written.

  2. Phoebe Brown says:

    The best description so far for the twin flame journey. Everything you described resonated with me. Thank you, thank you for your knowledgeable insight and providing the answers that I have been seeking.

  3. ananda says:

    Much appreciation for these twin flame articles which I found by chance when researching kundalini experiences.
    I had never read about twin flames before, but this is the only thing that has made sense to me as I struggle to understand the aftermath of this relationship I found myself in (despite my own expectations and reluctance considering my being 20 years older than him). We had 7 incredible months of the most fulfilling love I’ve ever experienced, on literally every level (except emotional maturity), until he abruptly pulled out, no warning, five weeks ago, even just days after the most wonderful love declarations from him so far in the relationship. We still have contact, but it’s not easy right now. He seems to be thrown back into addiction patterns, and I’ve been facing all my ego and shadow stuff like never before.
    The loss has been such a shock and I feel like my sanity is hanging on by threads – yet at the same time, some other part of me says “wait and see” and “have faith.” Not easy.
    Also, even before reading about twin flames, “spirit” had “talked” to me and told me to expect that our relationship would change or be off and on or distant for about 1 1/2 years but also that we would be getting ready for future work together with groups (he’s a yoga teacher, I’m an energy worker and trauma/somatic therapist – which does help me, when I manage to hold myself). Those messages came a few months ago, before reading about the twin flame concept. As much as I don’t like the ungroundedness of many “New Agey” things, the twin flame explanation fits our story so well I can’t help but feel with all my heart that’s what this is. We both felt so at home from the very first night, both of us struck by the energy between our hearts as we melted into a long kiss; our hands and feet look the same; we are both the INFP “healer” personality type. I wish I had read about twin flames sooner, and had had a chance to share the information with him. Maybe it would have helped.
    It’s also interesting that I met him on a night when my natal Venus in Capricorn was 0° conjuncted by transiting Pluto – squaring his Moon by 0°, Venus by 1°and Mars by 2°.
    Blessings to you Anna for this information, and much compassion to all who are suffering through this pain. May the fruits of our efforts be received by the divine for a higher good.

    • ananda says:

      …I didn’t realize my name would be displayed. For the sake of anonymity, would you please change my name in the above comment to “ananda”…? *Much appreciated!*

    • mike says:

      I use the heart chakra test to determine what a person is to me(i.e. karmic soulmate, soulmate, twin flame). Your heart chakra expands when you make a true statement(your subconscious picks up much more information, while not letting the intellect interfere.), and it retracts when you make a false statement. You can test this by using your name(i.e. my name is…), and another’s name(i.e. my name is…). The first statement should expand your heart chakra. The second should contract it. You have to be careful, because what you want or believe affects this test. I just keep trying the test, under all conditions, to help with this aspect. In my own personal life, I had given up on a relationship in the rest of my life(I’m 67.), when I was hit with a karmic soulmate relationship with a psychopath. Once I learned my lesson(e.g. setting my boundaries), she was no longer my soulmate, while I was still her soulmate. I then ran into 2 soulmates(i.e. we were soulmates to each other.). Eventually, it turned out that one was my twin flame. Both of these last 2 soulmates were completely out of my age range. I make energy packets and wear them, and I get a ton of female attention due to the energy I give off.

  4. Kimberly N Wager says:

    Please get back to me ! Like all these other beautiful soul s mine is dancing around with excitement me and my now that I know twin flame have just read all about our lives since we have met even though we talk about our connection in every way possible !this feels like confirmation! And no matter what we are doing but the universe has obsticals that keep us constantly fighting to stay together …something or someone tries to get in between and pull us opposite direction but it cant even make it into words our spiritual ,mental,physical connection won’t budge even a little we are so strong that we face everything with a kind of love that I can’t even explain I do now since reuniting with my twin understand how beautifully amazing intense gods love our love can be, letting our heart,mind,soul our whole self giving it to god is letting go love conquers all I appreciate every word they have touched me deeply…sincerly kimberly.

  5. Margie says:

    I think this is generally all true information about how it works. However I also believe that while full awareness may not all come at once nor even when two twins meet for the first time in this lifetime in the physical, though laws exists in our universe, you do not have to be perfectly “healed” upon meeting your other half and I also believe, that a metamorphasis can start beginning even before meeting, as this is how it happened for me. I knew who “he”was subconciously for years and though we came in close contact, we never did yet “meet”. It was not my divine timing. My vibe was in sync for a while with his because I felt the heart chakra open like nothing before and could feel we were about to “merge” but then I became increasingly afraid of the results upon meeting so it did not happen but he has always been with me and more work is needed in order for our union to happen. I know this. So whether he is going through some sort of metamorphasis on his own yet or not is a mystery; although he never did yet meet me in the 3d physical I believe he has some subconscious awareness of me due to our hyper realistic dreams I know we’ve shared. He has some ego to shed and I some more growth before we meet at last. It would have been too chaotic for us both and healing may have taken even longer had we met.
    As our vibes shift so does the writing of our new paths all the time. Vibe = Divine Time.

  6. Kirtti says:

    It is a perfect blog to read. I heard many fearful things about twin flames reunion. I am happy not to look at them. I am aware of my twin flame but he isnt so this text will help me to be relaxed and work on myself while waiting for him to be ready.

    Thank you.

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