Twin Flame: Fairy Tale or Fact?

Twin Flame: Fairy Tale or Fact?

Twin flames are real and they are reuniting in the 3-D physical world as a gift to humanity by assisting in the earth ascension. Unfortunately most of the information being presented about the relationship is the fairy tale.

Twin flames incarnated together is a  rare occurrence and I can say with a strong degree of certainty that unless your relationship is forcing you to grow, to go within to find love, you are very likely with a soulmate. Spending money on readings to be told this is or is not your twin flame is pointless unless you truly want the truth.

If you have to continually question whether or not your partner is your twin flame, more than likely they are not! I am doing more and more readings for twin flames it comes through almost immediately! I can feel the connection and also where they are at in their reunion. They want readings to confirm their already very strong inner knowing. I am finding many clients that have been told they are with their twin flame because that is what they wanted to hear despite the fact that they are actually with a soul mate or karma mate. Stop the madness please! I can help you find answers to your relationship issues regardless of whether it is your twin flame or not. Read my article on my own personal experience with my twin  Below are some additional thoughts that may shed light for you.

The only person that can tell you if you have met your twin flame is you! Please read that again! After the dust settles and you have taken the time to move past the shock of the reunion and all the reflection it brings up, you will just know.

You will absolutely feel it on the deepest level of your being. Your initial reaction to how you handle the connection will tell as well. Even though there is an intense magnetic attraction it will ultimately bring all your core fears to surface. This tends to scare the couple and even force periods of separation. The intensity of the energy between the two is something neither have ever experienced and can be overwhelming. (More often than not twins activate each other’s kundalini or increase the awakening immensely) After the recognition and heart bonding phase, chances are you will try to logically find every reason in the known world for why you should not be with them! Why it would never work. They are too old, too young, too far away, not my type, from opposite religious background, my friends and family would never approve. The list is endless. There will be some barrier to overcome

In other twins this seems to be the common reaction. “We met, we had the most incredible attraction we have ever felt with anyone and then we got scared and tried to call it quits!” But they could not stop wanting to mutually be in each other’s life in some way, not for one moment! Both parties would be the so called  “runner/chaser” as they learned how to deal with the power of the connection. I liken it to a pendulum swinging widely back and forth until it comes to a complete stop, neither one is actually running or chasing as in conventional soul mate/karmic relationships.

If you have truly met your twin, they will awaken and reveal all the dark corners of yourself that you have avoided up until the reunion. They will literally shake you to your very core, force you to open your eyes, to go within and do your shadow work. You will not be stressing about why he or she is doing such and such to hurt you. You will be asking yourself why does their actions and behavior affect me so deeply? What is it about myself that is triggered so deeply and how do I fix it? In other words, they force up and mirror back to you all your pain and dysfunction until that moment of meeting. This is done with an indescribable feeling of acceptance. The twin flame relationship is not about just finding someone to love. It is about finding out how to love yourself! Meeting your twin flame compels you to purge and transmute your own issues, not theirs. It is the hardest work you will ever do but it will be accelerated beyond anything you thought possible! It will awaken you to your true purpose in being alive in this 3D construct. It believe it has to scare you in order to awaken you from the facade you have called your life up to that point. It has to shake your foundation to the ground so you can rebuild yourself free of all your fears.

You will not reunite with your twin flame until you are ready for the truth…not only about yourself but life itself! The key is you will feel an unconditional love and acceptance from your twin that you have never felt from anyone else before. You will feel you have found someone that knows you to the core of your being and has no judgement of you. There will be no one else you feel this with, not your family, your friends or previous love connections. You will have a strong desire not only to live life but to decode the mysteries behind it. Despite the fear, this person will give you a sense of strength and determination that you have never felt before either. Most twins will not meet until they have faced a lot of karmic lessons and come to a place where they are not actively ‘seeking’ a relationship.

Twin flames are here to reunite and uplift the world with their combined energy. They are an example of what love is meant to be from a soul level and not what we have been led to believe from birth via social programming. They are here to bust the paradigm. There are no barriers to their love. Race, religion, age, social status, gender or any other judgments that normally halt relationships will not stop their union. They simply KNOW they are meant to be together because they have a purpose. If your relationship is truly a twin flame nothing will keep you from being together and fulfilling this purpose. Period. That purpose could be as great as doing volunteer work in 3rd world countries, helping the underprivileged within your own community, helping the environment, working with a charity, or simply inspiring the people around them in their every day world with their love. In other words it is about more than just your relationship with each other, it will be about being of service to the awakening and ascension of humanity itself!

Ask yourself a few of these questions:

  • Does your relationship inspire you to want to change and be a better person?
  • Does your relationship inspire trust in your partner to be vulnerable with them? Express deep feelings both positive and negative without fear they will judge you?
  • Does your relationship inspire you to realize that love is not outside of yourself? We can only feel love and acceptance from others to the degree that will love and accept ourselves.
  • Does your relationship inspire a deep feeling of wanting to see your partner stand in their own truth and power even if it is not your perception of what that should look like? In other words, no desire to change them in any way.
  • Does your relationship invoke feelings of fear or anxiety? Not because you are afraid of losing them, but because you are afraid of finding yourself? You know you have no choice now but to do the work you came here to do.
  • Did meeting your partner jar you to your very core with a feeling of eternal recognition? As if time stood still?
  • Do you have deep and intense conversations that last hours and feel like minutes? Being with your twin somehow affects time for many.
  • Is there some social or physical barrier to overcome? Religious upbringing?  Age? Race? Gender? Twin flames are all about breaking the labels and judgement we have been forced to follow when it comes to who we can and cannot love.
  • Does a vision of sharing a life with your partner involve desiring to create a better world for others?
  • Does your relationship feel like it is ‘activating’ you? Shifting your perception to see behind the illusions of the world?
  • Does their energy and presence always uplift you?  If it drains you in any way, shape, or form, they are not your twin flame.

These are just some of the other signs of recognition of a twin flame union. If you can honestly say no to any one of those questions, you are more than likely with a soul mate or a karmic mate and not your twin flame. Soul mate relationships are valuable in their own way for learning our lessons and can be our family, dear friends, mentors, and partners. Karmic mates are the hardest relationships but also necessary. In order to comprehend love while in a physical body, we must experience the pain of separation via ego love. Without experiencing this, you are not able to comprehend it’s opposite, unconditional love. My own experience with soul mate and karmic relationships is they teach us all the examples of what love is not. Ego love manifests such things as fear of loss, fear of failure, shame, competition, jealousy, control, manipulation, abandonment, lust, judgment, material gain, pride, rejection, etc. There are so many toxic by-products that are presented as examples of love but may be necessary lessons none the less.

Since we are in a construct of perpetual karma and trapped here until we embody unconditional love and our true power, we literally reincarnate with these soul mates and karmic mates over and over. We become trapped by ego love because throughout incarnations we create deeper and deeper bonds to these souls. I can promise you that most people do not not even comprehend what unconditional love is, let alone practice it within their relationships. This is why it is of extreme importance to take time for self reflection and inner shadow work no matter what relationship you are in. As long as you are making it about anything or anyone outside yourself (blame, expectations etc.) you will not raise your vibration to a level where you attract your twin flame.

It is only our twin flame that finally reveals the path home as they hold the missing key to unlocking the experience of unconditional love we are capable of…a superpower that has been kept from us through the millennia. They activate us right down to our DNA codes dormant since the dawn of our creation.

We are at a time of great change and ascension to the next level of existence. We have the opportunity to free ourselves from the matrix we have been imprisoned in. The love energy generated from twin flame reunions and awakening is changing the world. It can’t be stopped. I know that may sound strange to anyone not in a twin flame relationship, which is probably another sign that you are not! If you have reunited with your twin flame, you will already know exactly what I am saying!

Please share your experiences in the comment section below.

~Anna Ellington 

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8 thoughts on “Twin Flame: Fairy Tale or Fact?

  1. Earl says:

    I met my twin who is 34 years younger then me about 4 years ago and knew there was something special about her. From the moment I saw her ride by I knew I had to meet her. We spend time together doing volunteer work and worked well together and enjoyed each others company for about 3 years. During this time we both knew there was a deeper connection but we both kept our feelings hidden. Many times in conversations we had or things we did together she would say or do something that would be exactly like me to the point that I started asking her jokingly “Are you sure I’m not dead and you are me reincarnated”. About a year ago we had a very heartfelt conversation and let each other know our true feelings. We are both in other committed relationships so we kept things very low key but our love grew rapidly and I was awakened to things I didn’t know about (twin flames being one). It has rocked my whole belief system. It got to be overwhelming for us both but especially her and we have stopped our relationship. She had totally stopped talking with me about 4 months ago except when she would see me doing volunteer work.
    She has been with her husband from a young age (middle school) and they have a 10 year old daughter. She said she felt guilty and could not hurt him or their daughter by breaking up their family.
    It was excruciating pain at first and I started searching for answers and learned of twin flames. Had someone described this to me 2 years ago I would have been skeptical at best. As you said someone that hasn’t experienced a twin flame relationship really has no idea of the happiness, joy, ENERGY that your twin brings you. When we are in the same room the energy we give one another and feeling of wanting to smile just because we are together is tremendous. There was a time we had a tragic event happen where a person had heart failure and I was performing cpr and had been for about 20 minutes when she walked into the room unseen by me but I felt her energy and a sense of calm across me.
    I am delighted that I have been awakened as I am finally able to start to cleanse myself. To lift myself to higher vibrations. As I have started to cleanse myself she has started more contact, telling me she wants us to be close friends. She is still afraid and is holding herself back from being friends like she wants to be. I think she is afraid that she is going to loose control and her true feelings will overcome her again. We have talked and she has told me that she loves me and I will never loose her to anyone. It’s just that she has to try with her husband because as I am in the same age group as her parents she would loose us all around the same time and not have anyone left.
    I still have my doubts we will be together but I KNOW she is my twin so I also know I have doubts still because I have work to do clearing my negativity and lifting myself higher. We will find where we belong once we fully clear our path.
    For those in the same place I am remember we are all here for a reason and we have to face ourselves first. That by clearing our own negativity we also help our twin clear theirs.
    Thank you Anna for the guidance you offer.
    Love and light to all

  2. catwould says:

    I wish that I had funds avaliable to see if this is all real. I had spent my last $40 on a tarot reader who was having a off day. I have been spending so much time working on myself. Meeting him 7 months ago set off a several events that even with all the pain I would never change. Starting with meeting him on line and we just about stopped the meeting before it happened. I had a friend I was using as a buffer so i couldn’t get serious with anyone. i am tired of getting hurt and I wear my heart on my sleeve.. He was ending a relationship also but he gave me the ultimatum him or the other guy. we haven’t even met yet but be were both so taken by each other.
    we met and I felt safe around him.. it alway takes me a while to be comfortable with someone. within 5 mins we were melted in each others arms but he had to go… I went home and told my friend her birthday must be the best luck.. Aug 11… I just found my other half. (i didn’t even know what twin flames were) 2 days later on our date he was heading. he told me as soon as I was read things were 100% over with his girl friend. we can be together. He went north to work and that Friday I had the most romantic evening planned. His girlfriend cried all week until he gave in an took him back. I was ready to end things there. when he got back to Edmonton he tracked me down and begged me to still be in his life. I don’t know why but mid way through his speech I grabbed him and kissed him with everything i had. He asked what was rhat. told him I don’t know but I can’t lose u.. Just before he dropped me off he kissed me with so much passion my toes curled and my tummy did flipped.. I knew then i was in it for the long haul.
    my buffer friend ad already knew I moved on.. I also knew I was going to lose my heart to this new guy. told him that this is augs com January there will still be a reason u guys are dating. I hat being right when I know I will we hurt. we saw each other for a while. more we talked and made love the more i realized that we were like ying and yang… same pain different causes.. I had been in therapy for 3 years he wanted to start to fix himself to get rid of the girlfriend and be a guy I would like.. i told him i already like him, he needs to be someone he likes.
    I got this bad feeling when he went to therapy that the end was coming.. 2 weeks it did.. he needed a break.. therapist didn’t want him cheating on the girl he didn’t love. I think she (girl friend) found his female therapist.
    He found me at Christmas and had lunch…. we talked.. I asked him is he felt any different.. he told he he swears at times he hears me or feels my emotions.. (couple week earlier I found out about the twin flames but i never told him) I at least knew we were bonded.
    He gave me an expensive awesome Christmas present . no one gives me expensive Christmas present actually he was the only Christmas present i got. This really confused me along with him abandoning me (my biggest fear.. everyone on the 3d work that i have loved including my kids has abandoned me) But he came back… I was becoming more and more confused I only knew I loved him. We became lovers again and on my own I found out from his love to explore more of me. why I can feel negitive is that I am an empath. i just suppressed the rest. My therapist helped me start accepting it. Both my twin flame and I got really sick at the end of January and he said some mean things he regreted causeing innturmoil and I waa upset that he still had this girl friend who for 6 months know would complain he didn’t love. He wanted more. End of January I must have said the wrong thing in text cause he ghosted me.. won’t talk to me.. I lifted him messages on a texting app he never turned back on and the 2 times I tried calling he pushed it to voice mail.. what’s the point of a 3rdI self medicated all feb so i didn’t have to feel the pain.. end of February I stopped… for 5 days straight I felt every emotion I suppressed.. I know understand the empath side and how twin flames heal each other… his soul is lost and is always asking me for help.. i don’t know how to help except 3D. no contact. can’t help. My heart chakra took a beating. my friend was worried about my pain.. The doctors kept looking for a heart atacck. .. my blood pressure was way up.. i just kept holding rose quarts over my heart until i could breath… took me 3 weeks and now I don’t know what is going on. at times i feel as though he is hugging me. other times I feel he is mad cause i hold some special answer. I keep getting this negitive vibe that i won’t see him.. other times I have so much hope i feel i could explode.. my self hate is a whistler since I accended.
    But my tarot reader didn t like my questions.. yes he loves me.. so much so it scares him… and 6 days.. 6 weeks..6 months… yes he will be back in your life then u will be back in tears… i don’t believe so.. I’m not the same person I was when i started.. and i want changed….
    but i don’t even know if there will be a chance the waa she talked..
    i am lost on what i do next to keep healing… and if he will be back…
    If u have any advice it would help…
    the blogs I won’t lie.. i get lusr.. i understand u are trying to reach as many people with general information but I do get lost..
    I wish there was help in Edmonton. a support group or tarot reader who was less that $40. i might be able to get that much together .. but any advice I will take..
    and if it is walking away from him.. i will.. he can live in my dreams… i won’t ever love again.. how can I… my soul mate abused my heart to the point I suffered from ptsd.. and if i have lost my twin flame then i am obviously better on my own… my heart can’t handle any more hurt… however.. the twin flame hurt was nessassary to help me accended .. so for that i will be thankful ..
    blessed be

  3. SJ says:

    I am on a twin flame journey! I met my twin 18 years ago! It was the most intense feeling I’ve ever felt and when I saw him last which was back in April this year having reconnected last July he described it as a “knowing he had to have me” so he felt it to. Off course I was 17 and never knew of twin flames, I just knew he was to good for me! I had a spiritual awakening after connecting in December and it’s been an incredible journey of healing and blessings and omg lots of conflict from outside influences. I do believe he is with a karmic as we are in separation right now. The runner/chaser phase ended in April. I was bothered and healed so much in me that now I’m happy by myself. I know he will return in the 3D and that spiritually we are always connected. I connect with him threw music and do the odd card reading to see how his doing and I recently moved to his area 3 months ago. I didn’t know about twin flames TIL I was having my awakening and assumed I was going crazy. I stumbled on a article and thought it sounded familiar esp as when we did see each other he could speak the same things I was thinking and we have so many life experiences that are identical despite the 13 year age gap. We even have a child with the same name. Our soul numbers match and we are both earth signs with the same moon and rising sign. I’ve no doubt his my twin and I’m learning lessons on my own journey which is gonna help lead me to the mission we share which will be a service to help others and try to bring down corrupt systems! As individuals I see everyone as being one and connected to god but I despise systems which are unjust and ruining people’s life! This is our soul purpose I believe. Helping people grow to love one another and not judging another person as god is the only person that can judge. We have to allow the person we believe to be our twin to grow on the own journey. They have there own lessons to learn and learn to love there karmic as there also helping them and learning lessons. I love my twin beyond words and crave him at times but I feel his love within me all the time. People think I’m crazy I think. He certainly triggered my wounds and my awakening and tbh that was the greatest gift of love I can think off because I learned to love myself and I don’t see anyone as being better than another. We are all whole by ourselfs. I have no idea when we will reach 3D union but I feel it’s here right now! I still get the odd doubt but I don’t let that phase me as I can turn that around in a instant. My twin is the greatest man I’ve ever know and I have messaged him a few times telling him and I know he read every one of my messages and that’s good enough for me. At least he knows wherever he is on his journey someone out here loves him unconditionally without expectations. He really is amazing. He just needs to realise his own worth. The twin flame journey is about becoming whole by ourself and twin or not. It’s true Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. That should be the first part of the journey. Surrendering the love to god and setting the intention that you will not settle for anyone else unless it’s real true love is second and the learning to live and love each and every moment in life whether it’s goid or bad. When others are mean or rude to me now I’ve learnt not to react. I ask what they might be reflecting to me and then I try to learn that lesson while feeling compassion for them and I will cut people out how that are not for my highest good but without malice. Make this journey about yourself however painful and hard it is. A true twin will always return. There is a mission and there higher self will win in the end and as we are always connected that’s good enough me.

    Sending love and light to all. Xxxx

  4. Ysa mondiale says:

    In my case, I’ve felt the urge to get my question answered by psych’s perspective due to the strange nature of how I’ve felt to this person, it’s just blissful and too intense, to say the least. And they told me that this person felt a connection with me in a spiritual/ soul level. I was in utter shock to heard from one of them the word twinflame, it’s my first time to heard this word. He is 13 yrs younger. He’s been single for a very long time due to it’s bad relationship past experience. He’s very beautiful man. He enjoyed the status being single, until he met me. I’m separated from 12yrs marriage. I have 3 kids with the very manipulative and abusive man. In short we both have a very traumatic relationship experience. He woken me up, he showed me what real love is, I haven’t realized these until he pulled away. Strangely enough, I still feel he loves me deeply.

  5. Alex Conor says:

    Dear Anna Ellington…
    Alex Conor here.
    Thank you so very much for helping us and me with the call to my incredible healings I received.
    Words cannot express my thank you enough.
    You and yours are incredible.
    Just purchased malakite stones from Moab people the universe sent me to to read about.
    I heard all what Toni and you talked about.
    I am blessed. As you are and all the healing hands I felt on my brain and body clearing and running my energy .I’m a new man.
    I understand I can’t carry trauma and need to clear it out. Working on it.
    My brain feels better. Headaches are better. Please feel free to heal me anytime.
    You all are our angels.
    With deepest love and admiration…
    Thank you for sharing your incredible gifts.
    Alex and Toni and Buddy

  6. Thomas says:

    I discovered my twin after she passed. The changes that union brought to my life in 30 days is difficult to put into words. I’m interested to get your thoughts.
    All though I came in contact with my twin 3 separate times in life we never United as Twins. We both meet and married our soulmates. Our relationship was very unique regardless! Synchronicity can always been used to identify your twin as you will lead parallel lives while on this planet. I’m going to attempt to demonstrate by the numbers. There are 4 different numerology systems and our numbers align with all 4. I’ll use DM for myself and DF for her. We were both born in the same town 15 days apart. 1+5=6

    DM BDAY 6/241976
    DF BDAY 6/9/1976
    6+24+1976=53 5+3=8
    6+9+1976=38 3+8=11

    First met at 12 years old 1+2=3
    In 1988 1+9+8+8=26 2+6=8

    We have only hung out once at a 7th grade school dance on 12/7/1988
    1+2=3+7=10+1988=1998 1+9+9+8=27

    12/7 is the most significant date in my family’s life. On 12/71963 my family was returning home from xmas shopping and were in a horrible train accident. 11 out 12 members lost their lives to include my one year cousin. It was their birthday.
    1+2=3+7=10+1963=29 2+9=11

    Last time we saw each other we were 13
    We both moved to the same small town in another state as adults 3 years apart. So much more about this part of our lives.
    She passed on 2/13/2018 2+1+3=6 +2018=17 1+7=8 in Taiwan.
    On 2/15/2018 I had my 3rd awakening in California 3 days of darkness 2+15=17+2018=28

    Ist awakening happened at 12 1+2=3
    2nd awakening happened at 26 2+6=8
    3rd awakening happened at 42

  7. Michelle says:

    Hi. I’ll start my story by telling you that I was just awakened this April 2020. That phenomena scared me at first. I can’t believe
    that I am experiencing that phenomena. synchronicities, videos, messages, whispers, angels etc. At first I thought I was crazy. But it’s more on spiritual activities and this twinflame things. I don’t have any idea nor heard about this twinflame phenomena. But I’m glad that I’m awakened because it gave me all the answers about this connection we have.

    I was born in Manila Philippines on November 15, 1978 and He was born in Catbalogan City Samar Philippines on February 23, 1980. I was born in a rich and famous family. But since my grandpa got sick everything was lost and circumstances in life brought us here in Catbalogan City. We came here in 1990 when I was in 5th grade. I never liked this place at first because it was very provincial like as if I’m in a remote area, no malls, no taxis etc. (that’s what
    I feel because I was born and brought up in a highly urbanized city).

    After 2 years of living here in Catbalogan City, Me and my twin met in 1992. We became classmates in first year high school. We never been that close because my focus is on my studies. I’m that kind of girl who would always want to be on top of the class so boys are a big no no for me that time. Though I was attracted to him because of his sweet smile. He looks like an angel when he smiles☺️…Nice eyes, red lips with a sweet smile. But I knew he has a big crush on me for he would always call my name and tease me and even asking for answers during examinations (lol). Summer came and I went to Manila for vacation then get back here in Catbalogan before the classes start in June of 1993. I was so excited to go to school on the first day as 2nd year high school. As I enter our classroom, I had that feeling of loneliness when I didn’t see him. Days passed by but he never came to school. I don’t understand myself that time why am I searching and waiting for him when we haven’t been close. Until one day when me and my friends are passing by a school near the church we saw each other. That look in his eyes and that smile he gave me is unforgettable until now. That was the last time I saw him. August of 1993. We graduated in high school and I went to college in Cebu City and never heard of him. In 3rd year college I was forcefully taken in by a guy friend and got pregnant. He was so in love with me and even asked me to marry him. At first I was hesitant because I’m not in love with him. He is just a friend for me.By the way, he was born on February 24,1981 (my twin was born on February 23, 1980)..I decided to marry him 2 months after I gave birth to my first born due to traditional norms (since my family came from a wealthy and well known family before and me getting pregnant without finishing college was a shame for them) so I decided to accept the marriage proposal for my child and my family (his family also keeps on insisting that we need to get married for the child). Tried to love him and give him the affection that a wife should give his husband. But I can’t and everytime he wants it, he would take it forcefully. To make the story short we had another child. During our marriage I’ve been a faithful wife and a good mother to our kids while I continue my studies and graduated from college.He knew I can never satisfy him and give him all the love he needs so he had been with many girls until he met this one girl that gave me all the reasons to leave him. After being married to him for 6 years we got separated. 2 years after we got separated my brother’s friend courted me. It was love at first sight, the connection is so strong, I feel like he was the one.He has the qualities I want from a guy and so I fell in with him so hard.He became my boyfriend. Everything is almost perfect. He loved my kids as if it was his. After 3 years of being in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship his attitude starts to change. There was so many times that I want to end the relationship but everytime I tried he would shift again to this wonderful person I have loved. To make the story short we had a child on the 5th year of our relationship. Then that was the time when he changed from that loving person into the worst person I have ever
    met. He would cheat on me, and was emotionally and physically abused.

    It was in 2014 when I met a friend of mine from high school and told me that my twin (didnt know yet that he is my twin) is asking about me. I didn’t mind her when she asked me that because I am in a relationship then. It was 3 meetings with this friend and she kept on repeating that that same statement. That my twin is looking for me and asking about me and asking for my number. Didn’t gave my number because I’m still in a relationship. Then after 10 years of being in that relationship, in 2017, my mind is keep on remembering what my friend told me about my twin asking about me and asking for my number. And everytime that memory enters my mind I would just ignore it, but at the back of my mind I’m asking myself as to why would I be interested with him. During this year, 2017 me and my current partner has been fighting almost everyday because he is into drugs. Until November of 2017 I decided to call it quits. He can’t accept my decision and so he would still keep coming back and would hurt me if I won’t accept him back. These were the worst days of my life from November 2017 til first quarter of 2018. In March 2018, the sister of my current ex partner sent me a message (since we were close and she would always tell me stories about her suitors), the message was about her suitor. And guess who??? My twin!!! I felt pain I never felt before and got anxiety and I panicked. It can’t be. They can’t be together. That’s what I felt, but then I asked myself why am I acting that way when we haven’t been together and there’s no special connection between us…I have that urge deep inside of me to message him and tell him not to pursue her, but how would I do that when we were not even close..I’ve been like that for almost a month until one day, April 29, 2020 I receive a message in my messenger (message request) and when I read the message it says; Hi! do you still remember me? Classmate from highschool. You gave me cologne and towel as present for our exchange gift during our christmas party in school..then he mentioned his name..My world stopped that time. It was like an answered prayer. So that was the start of our story. He told me that he saw me in Cebu City when we were in college but didn’t have the courage to approach me because of the difference in our status quo (me being in a rich and famous family and him being from an average family). He said that it was not just one incident. He also saw me at the terminal in 2016. So we became us in May 2018. And that’s the start of our journey. It was an instant connection since that day he message me. We talked for hours and we talked as if we have been close before and that we knew each other for years…He was so intense in expressing his feelings for me. . He would tell me that he saw me in places when in fact I’m not there. That’s the time I started running. I got scared that he might the same like my recent ex partner.To make the story short running/chasing phase. Then we had been in this turmoil situation but still keep coming back to each other. We’ve been like this until now that I am awakened. And I had to block him because he ghosted me again and I can’t let him do that over and over again because it hurts a lot.I can’t do anything. I had to meditate everyday for my energy to shift to highest vibration just
    to ease the pain…Now I’m focus on the things I need to… I was being guided by
    my guides as to what my mission is…though im not quite sure yet on my mission they are giving me breadcrumbs of what
    would I be.. And I believe the ascended master that is guiding me is Mother Teresa. Been guided to her videos and about her. During my meditation I saw Jesus, the Holy Mother, Our lady of Fatima and Mother Teresa…

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