Twin Flame Burnout—Stop the Confusion

Twin Flame Burnout—Stop the Confusion

It becomes increasingly clear that people are confused, concerned, misinformed and misled regarding the twin flame union and it’s purpose currently in the timeline/timeloop of the 3D construct. As always for me personally, it is not a surprise that the truth is always so hidden and distorted as more and more are awakening.

Please read my article on Spiritual Wolves. Read it as many times as it takes for you to understand how to find actual truth and answers. I encourage people to seek the truth always, but also to be very discerning when it comes to thinking any one source/person has all the answers or solutions. The truth is always within you. Seek knowledge but always rely on your own heart to tell you what is best for you and what is truth. Then read this article I wrote back in 2002 on psychic dependency. I quit working on a psychic line back then because I simply could not associate myself with the psychics on the site that were coming from a place of very low integrity and ethics.

If you are continually seeking readings or watching the free readings on youtube and social media or relying on ANY continued external confirmations of your journey, it may be time to stop and reconnect with your own inner guidance solely. I have done well over 200 readings since Jan.1 of this year, and frankly I am appalled at the high level of dependence people are at with regards to the whole twin flame journey. This indicates clearly to me that most people have no idea what the true purpose of the twin flame union is about.

Please understand, I have deep compassion for people that are confused about their lives and in emotional pain…that is why I do readings! I am not judging anyone for seeking help or trying to gain clarity. Nor am I judging other readers intention as we all must learn discernment and how to avoid accumulating karma.  I am writing this with the intent that you may understand that it is always about balance and the ability to discern. Take knowledge and advice and incorporate it into your healing and soul growth. Seek out sources that will give you the tools for growth unique to your personal journey. Be prepared to do the work needed to shed behaviors, thought patterns, emotional blockages, and fears to become strong within. Stop giving your power away by hoping someone or something can save you from your own hidden shadow.

Example Questions:

Can a reader tell me if I am with my twin flame?

NO. A reader cannot nor should they tell you! All a good reader can do is tell you the energetic connection of your relationship, the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of your partner as well as yourself and how your energies combine for possible outcomes. They should be able to tell you what is currently blocking both of you and give you the awareness to help yourself move past these blockages. ANY relationship reading regardless of whether it is twin flame or not should empower you to work towards the best possible outcome for YOU, regardless of where the partner is at on their path. A reading will give you the ability to make your own choice as to whether you want to continue with your current partner or possibly move on to someone more energetically suited to you.

Can a reader remove energy blocks for me?

NO. No one can remove energy blocks for you! Read that again. The only person that can remove energy blockages within yourself is you! A good reader will tell you where you are blocked, why you are blocked and what you need to work on to clear yourself. They will give you knowledge and a means to do this for yourself. DO NOT..and I repeat, DO NOT spend money on anyone promising they can do this for you! You have no idea where this person is coming from energetically. You are trusting your energetic body with a complete stranger. Save your money and purchase tools to help yourself, such as crystals, oracle cards, music, smudging materials, etc…in other words, tools that your energy can directly and physically connect with!

Can a reader give me ‘light codes’ to unlock my DNA for ascension?

NO. No one has ‘secret’ light codes that will unlock your anything! We are all currently under the influence of the cosmic light codes continually coming in at this time of Earth ascension. The only way to unlock these codes is to do your inner healing! clearing and balancing. It is an inside job! As you gain knowledge and awareness of the true nature of your being and the illusions of this 3D construct, you will continue to unlock and gain more access to your full DNA light codes. You will continue to raise your frequency and vibration. If you have come into union with your twin flame, they will also have these light codes within each other to activate. This is the whole purpose of their incarnation currently. Nobody can give you these activation codes, nor can you speed up the process by any other means other than doing the work to find your inner balance! Selling light codes or selling any other service offering a ‘fast-track’ way for you to be in union with your twin or ascend faster is throwing away your money.

Can a reader cast a spell to make my partner love me, return to me, break up relationship or bring me what I want?

NO!!…a million times no on this one! First of all, why would you be so selfish as to demand that someone love you against their free will? I am not even going to go into all the karmic reasons why this is wrong. YOU have the most power over your own life, period! If you want to do a spell, do one yourself, perhaps one that helps you to release any negative thought patterns, emotions or material aspects that deter your growth and happiness. Put your own intent and energy into it and learn to be your own creator. Stop giving your power away and stop believing that anyone else has more power to affect your life than you do! If someone wants to walk away from your life, let them go with love and understand that someone better is meant to come in.

Can reader be helpful to me and my journey?

YES. A good reader that has integrity and wants to use their gifts to help others to empower themselves is well worth consulting when at a crossroads on your path. There are so many good readers out there that can help you learn to trust your own inner guidance and intuition. They will not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear for healing and growth. They will guide you to trusting your own intuition and give you the ability to become independent, not co-dependent or dependent on them. A genuine reading will feel good at the end. You will feel relieved, empowered and more in touch and in tune with your own inner guidance. It will not leave you with unanswered questions or confusion. I personally consult a trusted reader when I am too emotionally attached to my situation.

I think you see the point I am trying to get across here. Yes I am reader and yes I believe that there are many of us that are genuine and come from the right heart space when we assist clients. The unfortunate part is we are sometimes lost among the Spiritual predators that lay in ambush just waiting for the lost ones needing help. Please don’t be one of their prey. Use your discernment. Take the time and do your own healing work! ~Anna

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2 thoughts on “Twin Flame Burnout—Stop the Confusion

  1. Denise Kumi says:

    Hi Anna,

    Thank you for your many writings which was exactly what I needed to read at this moment to keep my feet on the ground and to not get anxious. Somehow some articles are ‘forbidden websites’. In other words, I can not use the link. Just wondered if you have any idea why that is? I am talking about the link above ‘spritiual wolves’ and the other link I forgot.. Also one about twinflames I think.

  2. Tim says:

    EXCELLENT advice!! 🙂
    And Denise Kumi is right, the link to your Spiritual Wolves article is still broken, Anna… 🙁

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