The Truth of the Twin Flame Sacred Union

twin flame sacred union

The Truth of the Twin Flame Sacred Union

I feel the need to address the concept that one twin is awake and the other is not. It sets people up to hold on to some very unhealthy connections. So many people are justifying and defending a lot of co-dependent and narcissistic behavior in with the defense of. Oh, he/she is just not awake. Do you understand how harmful this allowance can be to yourself? Please dig deep within yourself and ask for the truth. Is the person you are holding on to needing space and separation because they are growing, getting their personal life in order, making positive changes? Do you feel GOOD inside when you think of them? Do you feel uplifted and inspired to continue making your own life the best that it can be regardless of whether your partner is with you or not?

When twins come into union they already very awake and aware of the illusions of the matrix system long before they come together and they both feel the connection deep within themselves. They are activated just as you are…on exactly the same energetic level. They don’t always understand it any more than you do, but they absolutely feel it.

Please understand that you will not come together in the 3D with your twin, (IF they are even incarnated in a 3D body with you on this timeline!), until you are both at nearly the same frequency and vibration. This is key to understand. Your twin simply cannot be ‘less awake’ than you.  ~Anna Ellington

“There is a very common misunderstanding and information widely spread amongst twin flame groups. That twin flames need each other to be whole and that this is the reason why they have to re-unite eventually. This is exactly where many remain stuck. With this idea in mind, everything they do, they only do for the sake of reaching union. Guess what…. That is a conditional belief and behavior based on lack: “If I do all this work, I will reach union.” As long as we are still thinking we need to reach something, we are not acting from a place of wholeness and are not in the NOW, but we are coming from a place of lack and fear. The key is to find the balance within and reaching a state of being truly unconditional. A state, when we do not feel any need or attachment any longer, when we do not feel we need to reach something to be complete. When we are not attached to any certain outcome but open to all possibilities, including union.

It is quite interesting, that the most important aspect of the twin flame journey is hardly ever written about. The EMBODIMENT of the new templates for unconditional love and connections, relations with a partner and other people. Twins are able to share these new light codes with everyone that comes into their field as soon as they have reached the sacred union within. We show how we can relate to others without any conditions, expectations, attachments or pain. We are fully anchored into the NOW moment, fully present with others, sharing amazing connections and experiences. We open hearts in an instant, as soon as people come into our field. And that is what we are here for. To assist people finding their way into New Earth. Same planet, different frequency, different experience. And we can only assist because we know what people are going through. We have experienced it ourselves and can help them see the difference between a twin flame union vs. all other connections.” ~Vera

“Carrying the Sacred Torch… The Truth of the Twin Flame Sacred Union…Love to the One…

The glamour of the concept of the Twin Flame, has sparked a rise in those searching for Love. This has allowed a lot of negative beings, to mislead and misdirect those truly wanting, the twin flame connection.

The purpose of the Twin Flame Union, is to hold the flame, for others to see their own Light within themselves. This is done by the power of Love, leading others, by our example. In the twin flame relationship, both are aware of, and work towards, their highest Spiritual potential. Twins must focus on healing their own inner being to achieve the sacred union. You will know if you are truly in a twin flame relationship, if you both are willing to transform your total beingness into love and service to others.

Both must move towards being only love, through their thoughts, words, and actions, in every moment. And both must be clear of the Ego, which is any judgment toward others. Twins must constantly focus to better themselves, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

This Spiritual connection with your twin, becomes your main focus within the relationship. This is the nurturing of the total soul. This growth must happen, to allow the Sacred Union to take place. This can not happen in a one sided relationship. The twins must be ready to make the choice to truly change their old ways of thinking, from the 3D mentality of a relationship, to the understanding of their soul connection. This is the joining of the total Soul.

It is far beyond what a 3D mind can understand, a relationship to be. The dedication and loyalty between the twins is an Eternal Bond.

Twin Flames must both be dedicated to serving their Divine purpose and mission. This is a total dedication to one another, and a total dedication to being the example of Love.

Through the reflection of one another, we can see our truth, of our own inner self. This lesson can be hard for us to experience. When we see our own truth through someone else’s eyes, it can be very humbling. But the lesson is learned when we can better ourselves through the experience. Through it all there is constant growth, in Spirit, mind and body.

The twin flame relationship isn’t glamorous! Actually it can be very difficult, if one of them isn’t doing their clearing. This is where the one who is doing the Spiritual work, must make a choice. Sometimes we must empower ourselves, before others can get the picture and walk away from the relationship. By choosing to be Love in every moment, we show by example. If there still is no growth during separation, then you must ask yourself… Is this truly my Twin Flame? This is where you must be honest with yourself.

Twin Flames are here to serve the Divine. If your partner isn’t interested, then they probably are not your twin. Especially if they continue to choose the 3D way of thinking, never rising out of their chaotic life patterns. The shift into higher awareness is a choice. If you have made the choice yourself, and have followed the path of light, then your twin is doing the same. This is the Higher self or total soul, directing your journey to connect with your Twin Flame, by Divine Will.

It is very easy, to get misled into thinking that you have met your twin flame. Along this journey, we have met many individuals, and couples, claiming they know who, or are with, their twin flame. But, their relationships never progress into anything, or the end up in chaos and dysfunction. If they were true twin flames, both would do the work needed, to sustain this type of relationship. We must understand that the Twin Flame Energy is amplified when we are with this person and their energy forces us to do the work needed to be in union.

So, if one is expressing negative vibrations, it will unbalance the more positive of the two, and bring them both down, to the lower frequency. This results in chaos within the relationship. Each must honestly be ready to make the changes within themselves.

But understand that if you are truly trying to become your highest potential, this Universe will bring your twin to you. It is important you keep your mind open, the one you thought was your twin, may not be. Learn to be honest with yourself. Don’t fall in love with the glamour of the concept of the Twin Flames. Wait for your True Flame.

We were placed here to succeed in bringing in the light. By Divine Will the light has returned. We as Twin Flames carry the sacred torch within our Hearts. The Eternal Flame of Love. We Love All, We Serve in Humble Gratitude, and we are Honored to be the Light. ~Goddess Heart.

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  1. Angel says:

    Hello, Anna. I follow you on Quora. I have read your articles. I want to tell my story. My childhood was happened in very bad environment. I always wanted to get love from my parents but I didn’t. As I go, I always run from attachments because fear of pain that I will get if it doesn’t work. When I was in college there was a guy on whom I had crush. Of course I had crush on other guys too. But I really liked to talk him. But he was willing to extend the friendship because that time he was not interested in that. After the college over, I met my senior who was somewhat lookalike him. When I told him he asked who is that guy? Suddenly I felt urge to talk him. I messaged him on fb but then I deactivated my account. He said he searched for me online anyway to contact me. Then he contacted. Then we started conversation. He confessed he likes me since college. I didn’t say anything because he was already engaged. His family forcefully made him to do so. So I always ran away from feelings. Then I bombarded with repeated numbers telling that not to run away then one day he confessed he love me then i do to. I was considering him as only soulmate. As the time passes I realized this connection is much more deep. Daily 1111 message keep telling me so. I have researched online it makes me confirm that he is my twin flame.We badly want to meet each other but there were always obstacles. Now he is getting married this month end. I really want to see him once before that because we decided not to be in contact each other. Will this happen? What do I do? Help me.

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