Daily Oracle Card Collective Energy Message-Blessing of Al Hakim


Daily Oracle Card Collective Energy Message-#40. Blessing of Al Hakim

Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment!

Cleverness is opinion; bewilderment is vision.


A blessing of divine wisdom, of al-Hakim, is being ministered to your soul, watch over by Rumi himself! This is soul medicine. It is a spiritual gift of healing, prophecy, insight and the capacity to surrender any impatient claim for what you cannot yet have. As you receive this gift, this blessing which happened at a soul level, your attitude to life becomes more curious, open, still and receptive. You no longer have to drive the unfolding of your desires into form. You rest in assurance that your daily application and effort is enough, and so it your surrender. Mental anguish is soothed and you are able to accept the unfathomable nature of divinity in its expression of itself as life. You become comfortable with the reality that the price of being close to the Divine is the giving up of your need to always understand!

From this place of increasing stillness, great activity will flow. You shall become capable of being the surrendered vessel to the guiding divine hand, and truly great contributions to the human soul evolving can occur through you. So much will simply emerge, erupt, pulsate and emanate out of you, and yet you will feel within as though you are doing nothing at all, even whilst so much is happening through you. Such holy paradox shall become your daily experience.

You may feel, unexpectedly perhaps, that in some ways your vision for your life and purpose, your divine passion, is clearer than ever before, and in other ways completely unknown to you, a discovery yet to be made. That is as it should be. Wisdom bestows upon us the sane capacity to work with the opportunities that are right before us, to release situations and circumstances that have passed, and to allow the future to take its shape according to the ineffable timing of lift itself.

This oracle comes with a special guidance for you. If you are uncertain about an issue in your life, be at peace. There is a divine healing that can occur most readily in the unknowing. Know that all is indeed well, beloved soul. Perhaps you are journeying very deep indeed, and your allegiance to your intellectual mind is softening in favour of allegiance to your heart-knowing.

You may find yourself craving different company with different interest, or finding the world of opinions and debate rather less to your liking, and the worlds of creative expression more nurturing and nourishing to your essence. If this is the case, this oracle comes as confirmation to trust in the changes you feel within, in any and all ways, no matter how insignificant or dramatic they may seem. Know that they are seedlings of a new way that shall grow from one step into an entirely new and more sacred orientation in your life.

You will not necessarily have any idea how that will happen or what it will look like. This matters not. The acorn become the oak because that it its innate destiny. It happened without any active participation apart from a willingness to grow through life. So it is with the precious blooming now happening within your soul. To know less can bring the greatest gift and blessing of all: to be able to Love, and therefore live more freely.

This oracle also comes with special guidance to bring you peace. Look to the old ways, to the ancient wisdom teachings that run as one vein of life giving love through all traditions. The old wisdoms teach of cycles, of timing, of letting go to allow for new life to happen, and of the greater intelligence and scheme of life to which we must surrender if we are ever to know even a moment’s peace.

The fire in your belly is a beautiful aspect of you. Just let it be the breath that swirls around and through the heart that ignites it, not the passing huffing and puffing of the impatient mind. For when the fire in the belly is fanned by the breath of the heart, you shall have peace and dynamic movement, restful stillness and soul-inspired action, all at once. You shall become one with the living holy paradox, and the healing power of your love shall know no bounds.

RUMI Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Rassouli

(No matter when you read this Daily Oracle Card Collective Energy Message , it will be exactly the right time so don’t focus on the dates…time is fluid.)

This message is about letting go of stress and uncertainty right now. You question your path, your choices and decisions as that is simply human nature. You are learning to trust your inner awareness. You are learning to trust your Divine guidance as you journey along your new path. There will be more signs and synchronicity as you learn to pay attention to the world around you and how the Divine is guiding you. You are blessed and you are connecting to the deeper cosmic energy that flows through you and carries you forward and upward! Perhaps you are being guided to learn more about working with nature..animal totems, angel number guidance, crystals or meditation. You are being drawn to the ancient ways and teachings. If this is the case, follow that feeling and trust that you are Divinely protected and inspired. ~Anna

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