Signs of a Twin flame Union

twin flame signs

Signs of a Twin Flame Union

I know you have probably read more than your fair share of how you are able to recognize that you have met and are in union with your twin. This is my own personal input to the volumes of information out there.

I know that so much of the information revolves around the number sequences and synchronicity but personally I feel that can be very misleading. There is also information that states seeing your partner’s name everywhere, or people that resemble them all around you or dreaming about them, telepathy with them. All of these signs have been experienced by myself and other twins while in soul mate and karmic partner relationships long before ever meeting our twin.

Those types of signs come more at the beginning of your own personal Spiritual awakening. They do not indicate a twin flame relationship but rather these types of synchronicity help you to become more aware of the Universal Divine guidance that is always working within your life and around you. When surrounding a specific person, these types of signs will clearly indicate that this person is meant to help you learn and grow with specific lessons. It by no means indicates you are with your twin.

It simply comes down to how you will feel with your twin and how these feeling will be different and deeper than you have felt or will ever feel with anyone else. It is far and beyond a physical attraction or the desire to have a relationship with this person. When trying to put it into any regular 3D descriptions of ‘loving someone’ it just does not fit anything normally used to describe love.

The following describes what most have experienced when they first encounter their twin:

  • Chances are you’ve met through a set of unusual circumstances… totally unplanned and unexpected and when thinking of the statistical odds of how you were brought together, are mind bending. This is not just some dating site connection or local meet up. Most twins are far beyond looking for relationships that way as they understand most people seeking relationships this way are superficial and lack any depth or Spiritual awareness. Rather you may have met on a trip that you were urged to take out of the blue and unexpectedly and followed that urge…or you met on a volunteer mission in a country far from your own…in other words in a very unexpected manner.
  • You feel a strange, inexplicable sense of “recognition” on meeting this person like a déjà vu moment, or an unshakable feeling that you’ve known this person before, or are somehow “meant to be together” despite the fact that there are probably extreme barriers that must be overcome..distance, religion, race, age, social status.
  • You felt an immediate and deep connection like you’ve finally found a “home” or safe place with them, a feeling that you could be 100% authentic with them.
  • They make you a much better person, and you make them a better person. and together, you both feel driven towards a higher purpose, whether Spiritually, socially or ecologically. You have a deep desire to be of service in some way.
  • There is a magnetic pull and electrifying feeling between the two of you that words cannot describe.
  • The relationship is immediate… as though no time had been lost since you were last together, an extreme sense of familiarity.
  • It feels as though you had never lived before the reunion occurred,like your whole life had been practice for this person.
  • You feel a deep sense of unity and trust that you’ve have never known before.
  • You feel as though you have been waiting for this person your entire life but not just to be in a relationship with them. They feel like the missing piece to a puzzle you have been trying to solve all your life.
  • It brings on feelings you never thought possible; both your hearts crack wide open. Your heart chakra will literally start to vibrate and you can even experience physical palpitations and pain.
  • The two of you are inseparable and feel as if you are together even when you are not. it will feel like you are in some other special world with them and even when they are not with you, the world looks so much brighter. You see things in a whole new light…literally.
  • When you look into each other’s eyes time and space have no meaning. A moment can feel like hours. An hour can feel like a moment. You get lost in their eyes and just a glance tells you what they are thinking and feeling with no words.
  • There are no barriers between the two of you… the relationship is a totally open one.
  • Your conversations seem to go on forever, time stands still.
  • The two of you have a strong urge to serve humanity in a deep and meaningful way. You both see the illusion and the futility of greed and service to self.
  • You give to the other and never think of receiving in return.
  • There is a special sacredness to your relationship that transcends anything you’ve ever experienced. You hold space for your twin whether together or apart. You intrinsically know that they are a blessing in your life.
  • You will likely go through times that force you to face yourself in the mirror; it is not always easy. Soul mates and karmic mates of course do this each other as well, but with your twin, their energy gives you strength and unconditional love to do this work, in fact, forces you to do it willingly.
  • You will push each other buttons to make each other aware of what still needs healing almost from the beginning, more often than not without even consciously being aware of why you do. Normal conflict in relationships comes from ego and the desire to control yourself or the other person. In the case of twins this does not exist.
  • You WILL resolve all problems no matter what for you know you MUST..and do so with incredible speed. The leaps and bounds that growth and healing happens with twins can take years or even lifetimes to accomplish with soul/karmic mates. You are  both here to remove yourselves from the karmic recycle/reincarnation wheel.
  • Neither one of you are dependent on the other for your sense of self. Completely the opposite in fact, twins inspire and encourage one another to be independent and whole on their own.
  • There is a real feeling of no limits…you have a strong sense of eternity.
  • Your feelings for each other are very Spiritual, far deeper and stronger than just a physical attraction.
  • There are no restrictions within the relationship… all is freedom without the need for ownership or control.
  • The two of you know without doubt that you have been brought together for a reason.
  • In spite of your sameness there is no doubt you feel a sense of completion through the other. They embody all the traits that you lack and vice versa. Perfect yin/yang.
  • Trust, patience, acceptance of each other’s weaknesses happen automatically. You may not agree with what your twin is doing or how they are living out their journey, but you make no demands for them to change. You may have to set boundaries if they are still struggling with 3D issues, but you do so with love and hold space for them while they work through it.
  • There is a great sense of purpose and meaning to the relationship. It inspires both of you and gives you such strength, never drains you or makes you question yourself.
  • When you look into the other’s eyes you see yourself. Literally and figuratively.
  • You experience a sense of completeness that is without comparison. Not in the sense that you can’t live without this person, but in the sense that you have finally found that missing something you have been searching all your life for. Twins are born knowing they must unite. Their whole life is about that journey back to each other. They feel each other out there always, even though they may not be consciously aware of it.

Those signs are still by no means an absolute means of knowing. Each couple is going to have their own personal journey and their own personal signs that lead them to awareness of who the other is. I have found the one true Universal sign is still something specific to each twin and resides in their hearts. You have a trust of the Universe and the Divine within you. Your own higher self is always waiting for you to ask for guidance so get creative. Ask for your own Universal sign, one specific to your situation and that could not possibly be given to everyone (such as the 11:11, or the other so-called ‘twin flame’ signs.)

Despite my inner knowing, I still had many moments of uncertainty. That is natural and what sets us questing for this kind of information to begin with! My own personal “ok, I have no more doubts came with this request: It was blue lizards. I was being silly and completely in a moment of ‘This whole twin flame thing is just a distraction and I am crazy.’ I said to the Universe…if this is real, show me blue lizards in the next 24 hours…and then I laughed and thought to myself, ‘there is no such thing as blue lizards’…well not an hour later a video came through my facebook feed with a handful of little tiny BLUE lizards on a guys hand!!…then i was surfing youtube and started watching something that had a chameleon turning bright blue beside a blue plastic jug!….and just for good measure, the next morning, we went shopping and my friend said he needed sunscreen. He comes waltzing up and says ‘Check this out, I am going to try this blue lizard sunscreen.’…and no I had made zero mention of my blue lizard request to anyone! Ask and ye shall receive.


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One thought on “Signs of a Twin flame Union

  1. Cary says:

    Amazing and so true! I’ve been going through this for the past year and the signs are out of this world. I’ll put specific questions out to the universe and without fail I get them!! So many signs and synchronicities that it makes my head spin. The whole experience has left me in utter shock and at times I feel like I’m going crazy. I know who the guy is and I’ve seen him from a distance many times. Eye contact was made but he was performing on a stage so he’s inaccessible to me in real life. My struggle is that almost every single thing is “in place” but I’ve never even met the guy. It’s all very confusing but I’m keeping the faith because I know that this is something bigger than I’ve ever encountered and I feel that the universe is working to bring us together. In the meantime, I’m walking around in a daze and completely bewildered.

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