Evolution and Ascension of the Divine Masculine

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The evolution and ascension of the Divine masculine has been strong and fast. For the feminine twin reading this, you will immediately recognize what your partner is going through. I see so much information out there stating the DM is not awake. He has no idea what the relationship is about or what the ascension process is. I beg to differ. I believe that so many DM’s are awake and have been their whole lives. They have struggled and worked just as hard as the DF’s at Spiritual growth and healing. They have faced different blockages based on the fact that they were incarnated into a male body! We must learn to see their journey from their perspective rather than comparing it to our own.

I came across this article and when shared many men resonated with it and were very appreciative of the fact that it is accurate. I hope it helps more gain a better understanding. ~Anna   Schedule a reading with me for personal insight and guidance.


There are a group of men on this planet who are preparing to explode all previously-held notions of what ‘being a man on Earth’ means.

These men are being contacted by supreme forces of destined evolution for our planet. Most of them have been treading a gently-opening path of growth and change for many years. They are aware that they are ‘different’ at a core level. They are hyper-aware that they do not seem to fit into established or traditional roles, inhabited by their own fathers, and forefathers.

In many ways, these men have been standing alone since childhood.

These are men that have always been vibrating at a deep level of higher consciousness, but they have not always been able to see it that way. Early on in this lifetime, they were born with a new directive that began ‘awakening’ them right from the beginning. These men have always been conscious that they were different. They were conscious of being pulled in directions that they did not fully understand, but being only shown one way of living ‘as a man’, continued to mould themselves into roles and relationships that were prescribed for them by culture and society.

These men always wanted to succeed. They always wanted to live up to their potential as potent wands of creative energy. They knew they had engines full of power and intelligence, fuelled up and ready to drive them into a purposeful life in the world. Some of them lived from this source of energy and power with recognisable success, and this was something that they could proudly tell their fathers. For a few moments, they could relax and know that their father approved of them; they were a ‘good boy’, a worthy man. This gave them a few more years of oxygen, a few more years of capability to keep being alive, despite the gnawing ache in their bones, the growing psychic sensitivity to being out in the ‘normal’ world, the inability to move with the herd, and feel satisfied with what all other men seemed to be content with.

Some of these men have never felt a sense of being a success. Some of them were so sensitive, so spiritually-anchored even from birth, that they ‘failed’ to reach the established societal goalposts almost from the beginning. Feeling an almost intangible alienation from everything they saw their friends, brothers, fathers, uncles and even admired role-models doing…some of these men may even have ‘dropped out’ of the net, sabotaged their own inner creative fire, numbed themselves to their spiritual acuity and extreme sensitivity. Obviously, many of the routes to doing this ‘dropping out’ involve what can become addictive behaviors; drugs & alcohol, non-emotionally or spiritually present sex, over-working or refusing to work, hiding and numbing within relationships or marriages that are not growth-inspired.

Most of these men – these actual pioneers of a new chapter in masculine energy evolution – have veered in-between these two extreme states. None of them have ever found what their deepest Soul-knowing would describe as ‘home’.

The New Age has arrived, and with it, some tolerable life-choice options for men like this who do not fit into the old patterns. Being ‘on a spiritual path’ has become a theme that can give some of these men permission to go and ‘just be’; to find themselves and escape the toxicity, the unbearable noise, the cacophony of voices that scream at them daily to achieve, conquer, strengthen, make money and more money no matter what human & natural destruction ensues, to dominate with ruthlessness and no heart, to crush all that lies in the way of owning everything at the expense of everyone.

No wonder they crave escape and a sunshine-covered beach full of the feminine-energy of Nature. Or a cave, where hermit-like, they sit and commune with the Divine: the higher freedoms of their lifelong-depleted spirits. No wonder they run for the hills, maybe even rejecting intimate relationships and sexual interaction, in the name of pursuing God, of pursuing a Real Objective, of pursuing their Hearts.

These men need a time-out from all this pressure to be what they never were in the first place.

They need a time-out from their father’s voice in their head.

They need to detox, to recover, to re-align.

They need to be….alone.

And yet in the nothingness, in the aloneness, in the silence, in the playful immersion into nature, in the blissful escape – in whatever form it takes in their lives – these men have come to feel that their existential restlessness – the one they have had since childhood – has not been alleviated.

In fact, it may have even increased in recent months and weeks.

There is something that they must do. Something that they must embody, rise up to, explode through, penetrate, seed creative potential to.

It involves their Hearts, they know that much, because their hearts are on fire with….what is it? Is it passion? Is it desire? Is it urgency? Is it Love?

It involves their Spirits, they know that much, because recently there has been such a Call to Spirit, so much synchronicity, so much divine alignment in their lives…it is definitely Spirit moving.

Are they capable of taking this risk, this jump?

Right into the heart of their beautiful, mighty, pulsating Soul’s Mission?

Their minds do not know what to do. Nothing is being laid out or revealed as concrete evidence. There are no guarantees, and whatever it is that is leading these men is so far away from the landscape of what their father has ever risked his heart or reputation for, that it almost makes these men want to curl up and die. Just stay in the comfort zone forever – even if that comfort zone looks like a New Age false paradise.

What these men may, or may not, know – is that the Divine creator is with them, so deeply, so profoundly, so revolutionary, that they will not have to wonder about the pros and cons of taking a risk on themselves for much longer.

All of these men who will resonate with the energy of these words have been touched by the hand of Divine creator, and the resurrection of High Feminine consciousness.

Some of these men have been re-initiated into the ancient temples of the divine feminine and ignited into new active sacred purpose.

What the Divine within knows is that there is work to do, and that these men have been in-filled with new source-codes of direction.

The New Directions for these men – those who have a Contract to Return to uphold the Altar of the Sacred Feminine – are directions that involve taking their hearts into new territories. In some ways, they are risking it all, because they now have to stand up and be seen as the true warriors of Love that they are.

And this means, demonstrating that Love in active purpose, in creative, meaningful, applied ways. It means being in relationships that are not allowing them to avoid the healing power of sacred intimacy – intimacy that requires their depth and their presence.

This Sacred Purpose is not about running.

It is about Staying.

It is about showing up, opening up, growing up and stepping up.

It is about moving into all the voids, all the empty spaces, all the terrifyingly uncharted plains of existence that these men’s fathers, and fathers before them, could not reach into.

It is about finally coming home to the unheard, un-noticed, un-witnessed, even un-loved, parts of themselves – and being admired, appreciated, welcomed and trusted for their spiritual uniqueness.

All of these rare and deeply-needed men are being held by the Divine creator, and contacted by emissaries of this Divine force.

This is their time.

This is the Time of Total Trust being extended to the Pioneers of the New Masculine Paradigm.” ~Sophia Brashford

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    Dear Anna, I read some place on your site I can buy twin flame meditations…? Cannot find it now. Please help me finding it. Light & love //Sara

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