You Found Your Soulmate, Now What?


What Happens AFTER you Find your Soul mate? What’s your perception of life with your perfect soul mate? Joy, bliss, happiness–a life with no conflict and no major issues to work through? Ward and June or Ozzy and Harriet with passion?…in other words….bliss and easy street???

In my opinion, that just isn’t the way it works. In a soul mate relationship, you are best friends–you have passion–you have joy–you are totally comfortable with each other and enjoy being together. Even with all this, you will still have issues that challenge you and that “rock the boat.” Sometimes they can even tear you apart and break the relationship.

I also believe that you can find several “soul mates” in your lifetime. Wayne Dyer said that your soul mate can be the person who you can’t stand but are in your life to teach you a powerful lesson.

Carolyn Myss says in “Spiritual Madness” that we are here to heal the parts of ourselves that don’t know God yet. I believe that Soul mates help us to heal those parts if we are willing to do the work and look at ourselves openly and honestly. Soul mates can trigger certain reactions in you that point the direction to what needs to be healed.

I personally believe too that the hardest lesson we need to learn aside from patience…is forgiveness. I can be very hard to forgive anyone of whom you feel has ruined your life, hurt you either physically, emotionally or mentally or who has done you some kind of wrong. Sometimes THAT is the whole reason and lesson behind the relationship. Unfortunately it is NOT always about ‘true love’ and ‘happily ever after’ and those types of relationships we tend to view as horrid and NOT of a ‘soul mate’ nature. Only deep soul searching and much hindsight can tell you for sure.

What happens after you find your soulmate?

Remember the Zen proverb that poses the question of–What happens before enlightenment? Chop wood, carry water. What happens after enlightenment? Chop wood, carry water. I feel this is a good analogy of what happens in relationships. You still must face your personal challenges regardless, but…. if you’re conscious and awake, you can realize that you have a powerful ally in your ‘soul mate’ to walk beside you on your path to enlightenment.

Many of us are finding that perfect “soul mate” and many are searching for one. I suggest that you look at all the people in your life that you love or have any kind of a ‘connection’ with–the ones who challenge you, the ones who love you. Say of prayer of gratitude for these “teachers.” When someone close to you “presses your buttons,” look at what you can learn from the situation. What parts of yourself need to be healed? What feelings come up for you?..yes they may very well still be a ‘soul mate’ albeit one you may not have dreamed as the ‘perfect’ one.

Marriane Williamson has said that every thing we do is either an act of love or a cry for help. That’s what a soul mate does for you–they are there to love you AND to help you when you cry for help. They also have the ability to “press your buttons” and this is for your highest good…soooo..if you think that it is all ‘wine and roses’, you need to do some more research and reading on what the REAL purpose of a ‘soul mate’ is.