What Not To Ask A Psychic

Psychic Readings

A true psychic / clairvoyant / clairaudient should be able to answer your question without anything but your name and your question. If they ask for your birth date do NOT give it unless you are getting an astrology or numerology reading. [anyone with a good grasp of astrology, numerology, etc. can know quite a bit about you the minute you give them this, thus clouding their TRUE abilities.] If you only give your name/names and your question and your reader is at a loss for answers without the birth dates, HANG UP or walk away.

There are some other things you need NOT tell a reader until after they are well enough into the reading to let you know they are for real. If you are asking about relationship issues…Do not tell them whether you are with the person, away from the person, any of your fears about the person. You can word your question so that it does not give any “leading” information.


  • Where is ________ in regards to how they are feeling and thinking in regards to me?
  • Do you see ____________ making any changes recently regarding our relationship?

Ask VERY simple questions. that do not give ANY indication to the reader of what you are WANTING to hear.


  • Is ________coming back to me?
  • Is _________going to leave their spouse?/other relationship?
  • Is _________going to move to____?
  • Does _________love me?
  • Will __________come back to our marriage/relationship.

ALL these kinds of questions can give a less than ETHICAL and real reader easy answers that you WANT to hear. and will not be of any long term help to you.

When asking about career/job issues, again ask so that there is no leading information. This is a harder topic to NOT give more detail when asking as the reader may need some indication of the direction you want from the reading.. but again…the BEST way to phrase your questions is in a way that gives no indication of your hopes and fears.


  • “Do you see any career/job changes for me?”
  • “Do you feel me going to ____________ or ______________and why?

(if you have a choice to make.. then the answer you get should FEEL right.)

If you are looking for a general reading on your overall life. The best thing to do is say that…the reader should be able to pick up in the first 5 minutes or less many things going on in the recent past and right NOW with you…with NO information. NO questions. PERIOD. If they are stumbling or ‘fishing’. forget a reading with them. The other side of the general reading is AFTER that first 5 minutes or so. they should start giving you indications for your future trends. Many readers can go on and on about the past and the present and you will think that is incredible, but again you are asking and PAYING to know about coming events. If you are getting too much NOW information…direct them to focus on the future.