Psychic Time Frames (The Waiting Game)

Psychic Time Frames (The Waiting Game)

As we walk our life path, we will come across times where nothing seems to be happening. There is a feeling of stagnation, deadness, or stillness to the path. We may think we are not “doing something” that we should be doing. We call these times “waiting periods”.

During waiting periods is feels as if we “should” be doing something to go forward. However, these times are usually times when we don’t have to actually do anything. From our perspective it is a time of stillness but from the perspective of our Guiding entities, it is a time of much action.

From the Guides’ perspective, it is a time of set-up. Experiences are being set-up for us. Lessons are being arranged and opportunities are being put into place. The Guides are running around ensuring all the pieces are ready for us when the time is right for us to once again actively start moving forward. If you meditate to see what is going on, you might see pictures of the Guides running around or pictures of a primary Guide giving instructions to other Guides who disappear from the picture and then return. A checklist of what needs to be in place is being followed until all items on the list are done.

Sometimes, a waiting period involves other people that are learning lessons. Those people are important to your life path and you must wait until they learn their lessons before you can actively move forward. Again, you may feel like nothing is going on in your life but the people you are waiting for are going through many, many changes. Once they are ready you can start to feel the action in your life. Remember, everything happens in sequence and one event must happen before the next and your next event might be dependent on someone else.

Waiting periods are difficult to handle for most people. We are used to “doing something”. Unless we are absolutely exhausted or ill, we believe that we should be working, cleaning, learning, planning, expanding our awareness, healing, etc. We feel it is alright to rest for a short period of time but not for several weeks or months and sometimes waiting periods can take that long. What makes the waiting period even more difficult is that you can feel the new energy starting to come into your life so you think you should be doing something but there is nothing to actually do yet.

How can a person handle those time periods? First of all you have to be able to recognize these times. If you meditate and your Guides tell you that it is a rest period then that makes things a little easier. Otherwise, you need to trust your intuition because you WILL feel that there is nothing for you to do. If you can rid yourself of all feelings of fear or pressures from family or society that you “should” be doing something, then the answer of rest and relaxation will become apparent to you. Most importantly, having patience and trusting will get you through those long days of simply waiting and those days can feel like they go on forever.

These time periods can actually feel more difficult than going through the actual lesson. Most of us are used to having to do something but few who are walking this path are used to taking a few months off from our learning. Waiting periods are lessons in themselves and if you find yourself in the middle of one try to enjoy it instead of worrying over it. Know that the waiting will end and you will soon be moving on in life so take advantage of the downtime to relax and enjoy life.