Telepathy – Trusting Your Psychic Power


People continually ask me…”I get these feelings, are they real”?

As I do my life’s work and LIVE my life, the subject of ‘spiritual awakening’ as well as intuition is being discussed and seriously thought about more so now then ever. World events and global ‘unrest’ is leading many people to search deeper for the true meaning to life. Many of us are probing on a deeper level-through reading, meditation, prayer, and connecting with others of like mind, etc.-in order to decipher just what all this means for us on a personal level as well as in the world as a whole. All life on this planet is changing and we are becoming more spiritual, more aware and more in tune with our souls and the destiny we came to fulfill in this incarnation. This is a very significant step in the process of our evolution and, indeed, we are looking at big and hopefully wonderful changes to come.

What does this mean for us as humans? First, it means that we need to acknowledge some basic truths that have up until the past 20 years or so, been distorted….due to religious doctrine, psychological conditioning and fears and society’s conditioning for centuries -the fact that we are not just five-sensory beings, but, rather, multi-sensory beings. “Reality” does not consist of merely what we can perceive on the physical plane. There is so much that exists in other dimensions that is beyond the perception and confines of the five physical senses. And it is important not to limit our understanding of “reality” by what we experience on the physical plane! and it is important too to have an understanding of how our ‘sixth sense’ operates.

Let me give you an example of something so common that we all possess, but rarely give acknowledgment to. I don’t think there’s one person alive who hasn’t had a hunch about something; and for those who have honored their hunches, they’ve fared much better than if they’d not paid attention to and gone with their gut feelings. There may be no tangible evidence to draw from on the physical plane, but your deeper Knowing guided you and protected you. It is on this level where you’ve got that direct link and communion with the Divine.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had clients tell me that they regretted whenever they’ve not listened to their intuition and followed it. I myself have not listened to my OWN intuitions and have come to regret it later. I always encourage the ones who do listen to and honor their intuition. It is so natural. I really believe we need to take some examples from children. (hang out with a child who has been encouraged to believe in their dreams, imaginary friends, faeries, and magic!!!!…and you will get a good idea of how we NEED to be as adults. )

Using your intuition can save you from an unpleasant or useless endeavor. or some disastrous decisions or behavior… It can even save your life or the life of someone you love! Your OWN intuition is never wrong and anytime you have not listened to that initial ‘gut instinct’, I am sure it was proven to be correct later.

Not only do we use our intuition for issues of decision making or gaining clarity on topics of concern; we also use it to communicate with others-or what is commonly referred to as telepathy. This is a little bit more difficult, because so many people still have a tendency to not trust their experiences when it comes to a two-way telepathic exchange.

This is especially true with relationship issues. clients are so worried when they’ve not received a telephone call or some form of ‘physical world’ contact from a significant person. People are so dependent on their partner or friend contacting them either by telephone or e-mail, etc., in order to be assured that the person is even thinking about them. Some clients are nearly panic-stricken and desperate. if they don’t receive that coveted telephone call or email or letter. This is human nature and this is our ego’s and our fears at work.

This is when I throw in that big question to them: “Have you been aware of that person in your ‘space’?”-more often than not, the answer being yes. Sadly, though, too many people still question the validity of their experiences and don’t trust them. They think they’re mere fancy, or imagination. “No,” I assure them. “It is not just your imagination; it is absolutely real!” Normally when you have a ‘spiritual connection’ with another, there is constant ‘communication’ on some level. IF it is fantasy and wishful thinking you will know it by the ‘obsessive’ quality about it.

Let me give you an example: Haven’t you had the experience where someone will cross your mind and then you hear from that person? This is very typical of a telepathic exchange between two people. Another example is where you may start saying something and someone else finishes your sentence. or you both say the same thing at the same time, etc…during these times your mind is not FOCUSED on WANTING to do that, but it just seems to flow in naturally and easily.

People will ask me how I know it’s not just ‘wishful thinking’ that we experience someone else’s thoughts or presence in our space-especially when it comes to relationship matters. Most of the time the experience will happen when you’re not even focused on or thinking about the other person. But it has got a ‘special’ quality about it. and, if you remain open and just ‘listen’ to what comes to you, make a note of it and compare notes with that person at a later time. Chances are you will be right on target with what you experienced! The real trick is to stop THINKING with your logic mind and let it all FLOW.

The other day I was aware of a friend while cleaning my house. The telephone rang a second later and, sure enough, it was she. But this doesn’t just happen with people who are close to me; it also happens with clients, family and the love in my life as well. I’ll be aware of them and I hear from them either that same day or the following day. This is very real and it works for everyone-not just people who are psychic! and I am sure you have ALL had that experience.

It is really important to have faith in our own intuition and also the messages that come to us through our dreams-especially if you want to be in contact with someone you care about. We tend to take all this modern technology for granted-the telephone, fax, e-mail and so on; but there will be times when these physical devices aren’t always available to us.and we’ll have to make us of, and trust in that cosmic telephone or radar we all possess. Furthermore, it’s free and a lot more reliable and private than using the telephone or Internet!

I hope this will serve as a small source of encouragement for all who read these lines. We ALL have the ability to get in touch with this Divine gift we have. It only takes a sincere desire and effort to learn more about ourselves…what is fear?, what is out logic?, what is ‘conditioning’? and learn to distinguish. I believe too that you wake up everyday to the worlds ‘best psychic’…WHEN you learn to TRUST YOURSELF…:-)