Psychic Readings, Are They Worth It?

Psychic Readings

Not many readers ARE WORTH MORE THAN $6.00/ min over the phone according to all the feedback I have received from clients this past year and a half. I have seen a telephone advisor change her rates from $8/min – $16./min and if you read through the feedback thoroughly, there is enough complaints about inaccuracy to show it is not worth that kind of money. She also has a little ditty about paying for her efforts at the Spiritual alter and she doesn’t do free calls??….hmmm…since when did our creator and the higher realms start distinguishing between who can afford to pay and who can’t????…Prices like that are only reflecting greed and ego unless a reader is fast and totally accurate.

There are some readers that can give you a very fast and detailed reading in a very short time span and are worth paying more for. My opinion is that is you should be able to get a very good, in-depth, detailed reading for $50-$100 or less and advisors should charge according to the time they need to deliver such a reading…cheaper is not always better nor is expensive. (I base my price on the speed at which I can get a reading out. Most readers that charge huge amounts of money are over rated. They have become ‘famous’ in some form or other and that fame tends to make people believe that they are worth more.

The other factor seems to be be ‘if people call me at that price, I must be worth it’. I personally know of a few people that have had readings from the ‘famous’ psychics and once the ‘star struck’ feeling has worn off admit that the reading is no better than some they have paid less than $100 for.