Psychic Protection


Being a reader it is very important for me to stay clear of all negative energies, my own as well as those around me. Before readings I do some simple techniques to shield myself and clear my aura and space. I use some of the methods below as well as smudging and calling on my own guides.

Psychic Protection

Before talking about psychic protection one will probably wonder what it is and why someone might need it.

Do you find that you have a problem with such things as insomnia, poor sleep, nightmares or low energy levels ? Particularly around certain people and/or in certain places ? Do you find that you sometimes lose a lot of energy (psychic draining) in these circumstances ? Perhaps you are constantly lacking in energy ? Maybe being diagnosed as having chronic-fatigue-syndrome (CFS).

If the answer is “yes” then chances are that you are under intentional, or unintentional, negative psychic influence. What some people call being under psychic attack. Psychic protection is what one may choose to learn to counter such influences.

Before we can better understand this we need to understand what these negative influences are. Put simply they are usually able to be put into two categories. Thought energies (or if they have a shape – thought-forms) and negative spirit influence. Negative thought energies are created by someone (dead or alive) thinking negative thoughts eg: anger, hatred, fear etc. If the person is thinking these thoughts towards us then they are projected in our direction. In addition as negative spirits like negative energy these people will often accompany the energies. Particularly if this is done “formally” i.e. a spell. Our OWN thought can also cause us harm when they are overwhelming our daily life and need to be cleared away as best as possible too in the form of prayer, meditation and calling on our spirit guides and angels.

Fortunately there is a defense against these things. Positive energies will dissolve negative ones and we can arrange for positive spirits to help protect us against negative ones. There is nothing particularly profound about it. To cancel out a fire, water is a good response. The principle of using an opposite response to a spell or any negativity directed towards us is along the same lines. The negative thought content of a spell, or any other form of psychic attack, can be “cancelled out” by directing a positive thought-form of the same, or greater, strength at it. When they meet the negative thought-form will dissolve.

The effect of negative entities can be “cancelled out” by positive entities of the same, or greater, strength. If the positive spirits predominate then many of the negative entities can be “cleared” (permanently) to spirit worlds. Positive thought-forms are created by positive thoughts. A good method is to imagine oneself filled with (and radiating) a hot, bright, golden light. Like one is a miniature sun.

Getting help from positive spirits is arranged by requesting it. Prayer in other words. There is also a technique called ‘white lighting’. Read how below.

Three other points worth noting(1) There are some reasonable books that can be purchased on this topic.

(2) If someone is currently sending you negative effect, as in a ‘spell’, then you need to direct light etc. to them constantly. Until you feel they have stopped. If you “clear” yourself today then there is no reason why they cannot dump you with new discordant energies tomorrow !

(3) Keep in mind that things can take time. Some people think that praying for one night and imagining white light around them for five minutes will solve all their problems. This is unlikely. Suppose discordant effect had built up around you and/or your house for ten years. Do you think it reasonable to expect it to go in five minutes ? Think of it this way. If you had a blow torch could you melt an iceberg ? The answer is of course yes, but….it would take more than five minutes !

The following is something to think about when consulting psychics or advice or a reading. This is especially true if you yourself are an empath or have strong psychic abilities yourself.

Using PsychicsIt would be lovely to say that all psychics are wonderful, warm and friendly people whose progress on the spiritual path is marked by a complete absence of jealously and back biting. Unfortunately human nature isn’t changed that easily.

Dion Fortune, a famous psychic writer who …., told a lovely story of being invited to a select club where half a dozen members all took her aside secretly to tell her that their Guide was none other than Jesus but she wasn’t to let any of the members know.

Spiritual snobbishness is probably worse than the class kind, “My Guide is higher than your Guide”, “You must wear a white coat when you’re healing”, etc. etc.

Listen to what other psychics have to say. But in the end, as with advice from any other source, including Spirit, make up your OWN mind, based on what seems sensible to you. Absolutely do not let yourself be controlled by so called Masters or whatever names people use who want power. The best mediums and teachers are those who want YOUR development over their need to boost their own egos.

It is unfortunately not that uncommon for psychics to come under some form of psychic attack at some stage. This may be from other groups (both those supposedly aligned to the Light and those practicing the ‘black arts’) or more commonly a psychic individual who has taken a dislike to you. It is NEVER acceptable for any worker for Spirit to attempt to psychically attack another individual or group and they will have to suffer the consequences of that act at some point in their lives.

These attacks can sometimes be difficult to detect and deal with. There may be a run of uncommonly bad luck, feelings of not being well (or if an intense attack, actual sickness), psychic work deteriorates and there may develop suspicions of others motives and abilities.

An attack such as these must be faced and dealt with but it is quite acceptable to enroll the help of other psychics. However ask people who have had previous experience in this area, as the thought form sent against you may be powerful and need careful work to dissolve it. Personally I do not find it acceptable to send such thought forms back against those who sent it. Send them Love and Light instead.

More severe attacks, that involve ritual magic or manifested entities need to be dealt with professionally but cannot be helped by an expensive candle burning and some words over a telephone!!!

A word of warning here though also, not all bad luck and illness is caused by a psychic attack. Sometimes these may be tests from Spirit to test your resolve. Use common sense and don’t be paranoid about such things. Develop a sense of outward Love and strong inner defenses, these are the best protection of all.

Other PeopleYou know that feeling of being drained after having talked to some people and the way that they often feel better. This can be a real drainage of Your energy and is very common.

This tends to cover two main areas:

Unconscious draining of energy – where people seem to absorb everything you have got to give like some energy draining vampire. They often go away feeling better but you are left a drained wreck.

Conscious draining of energy – some people just like to be in control. Keeping and maintaining this control can take many subtle and unsubtle forms, from crying to physical abuse. The common factor is that these attacks are conscious and deliberate in form. This can be just as debilitating on the psychic level as the physical.

Defending against such attacks?

Firstly and most importantly – keep thinking positively. Do not give way to negative thoughts and influences when dealing with Spirit. Easily said perhaps, but a good loving and positive attitude makes you pretty much invincible!! Here are some methods that only take a few minutes to do and can be done as many times a day as you feel a need.

Shield of Light

Close your eyes and circle an imaginary ring of pure, white light about six inches over the head, then quarter with a cross (there are other symbols that will work just as well but for most western mediums the cross has most meaning and protective ability). From this cross in a circle of light draw down over the head and body a protective sheath of shining white light, that ends under the feet. This should then be joined under the feet.

I have heard it described like fitting a sack or bag over you and then tying it up.

Orb of Light

This can easily be combined with the method above. Image an orb of white (or blue if this seems more effective) light hovering and sending out rays of light about 9 inches to a foot above the crown of the head. Some people link this to the head or third eye with strand of light but I have not found this to be necessary.

Color Defenses

Imagine strong colors of white, silver or gold light around you. Let these cling to your body and then move out to about a foot away from the body.

Pulsating Light Defense

This is a very strong defense and personally I have only used it at times of great worry. Imagine the whole body as a dynamo able to produce pulses of intense white (or blue) light. Then image these pulses being transmitted (rather like the old BBC transmitter adverts) into the ether. Concentrate on these pulses and send them out rapidly and strongly.

Always re-enforce with the shield of light and later the orb of light.


Another way to shield is after you have visualized being encapsulated in the White Light, envision a circle of mirrors around that facing outward. Do not visualize these mirrors reflecting the negativity BACK to whomever it came from but rather upwards towards the heavens to be dissipated.

The Golden Cross

I have found this effective as a way of distinguishing “good” and “deceptive/bad” spirits. I am not sure if it is the symbolism that works or whether it serves as a way to concentrate and better distinguish their nature.

As you sense the spirit form concerned, mentally hang a golden cross (other potent symbols may serve just as well) with a golden chain round its neck.

Spirits that you do not want do not seem able to stand this and will often flee. Better spirits will seem enhanced.

How can I scan myself to make sure everything is okay?

First of all imagine yourself in the bag of light. Pure, white light is surrounding you and radiating from you. Imagine a large gold disc above your head. Look at it closely, is any area of the disc tarnished or dull. If it is, you are not feeling one hundred per cent. If the disc is badly tarnished or occluded, you may have some problems that need to be addressed.

Next mentally run your hands psychically over your body. Do your hands seem to hesitate or even stick at any points. There may be problems there.

Building Yourself Up

First of all, except in already mentally unstable people, being involved with Spirit will not make you morbid or obsessive. What it will do is open up a whole new field of view and give hope and love that we all live on and can progress through numerous lifetimes towards merging with the Godhead. First and for most develop a lifestyle with BALANCE. Find ways to deal with daily stress and learn how to quiet the mind with meditation and exercise such as yoga. Find a place of refuge where you can go at least once a day to ‘find’ self.

Taking care of the ‘vehicle’ (body):

On a practical level, though I know many mediums who eat, drink and smoke in very normal ways, there does come a feeling of wanting to eat and drink pure things. It is by no means a requirement of medium ship to become vegetarian for example, but many people want to, as they detect the latent vibrations (often of violent death and suffering) from meat and fish. You may also become more sensitive to additives in food and drink and want to drink more water (particularly from pure springs).

One good technique to reduce this pollution of food is a variation of the blessing. Hold your hands on or near the food and ask Spirit to bless this food and make it pure. It can be very surprising the effect this can have – in some cases like healing the food.

It is a cliché in Spiritualist circles that most mediums are women and quite a few of them seem to wear dresses somewhat on the larger sizes! (I still hear that some believe they ride around on brooms at night too!!) However I have met many women mediums (myself included ) who are not like that, and as more younger people become involved, there is an increasing emphasis on life balance and acknowledgement that a healthy, fit body is a better vehicle for the ‘God’ force. Another cliché is that there are few male mediums and that they have a strong ‘feminine’ element in their make up. Again this is not true of many I have met, but all this DOES refer to the balance that mediums NEED to achieve in their own nature. Spirit seems to have no time for excessively strong male or female forces but believes these should be integrated and used for their best overall qualities in an individual.

Drugs to Induce Spiritual Awareness:

Certain things also strongly affect medium ship. It is absolutely wrong to attempt medium ship while under the influence of alcoholic drink or drugs – of any sort. These will disrupt the connection and may lead to great vulnerability to influence by lower spirits. There are some traditions that use some forms of natural ‘mind altering’ substances, but they are also very aware of the pitfalls and have been taught from a very young age all the measures of protection and tradition that go with it. Unless you are studying with a group of these traditional people such as ‘Toltecs’ or some native American clans, DO NOT MESS with DRUGS!!..Also intent is very important. There must be a sincere desire to want to communicate with Spirit for the right motives. Like attracts Like and an Ouiji board session started for a laugh and just to see what happens will attract exactly the wrong sort of spirits. It is never the method that is at fault but the intention and sincerity with which it is used.

Sexual Energies:

Sex is always a very confusing element in spiritual development. First of all consider that Guides are adamant that not only do we reincarnate may times but that we may be male or female and that this should be a matter of complete indifference except as a different experience vehicle to fulfill our life plans. They have no time for ideas like males being somehow superior to females – they are two sides of the same coin. For some life experiences it is more convenient to be male, for others female. Sex is a natural expression of the Life Force between all of us. (Same sex?) It was originally designed as a means of procreation, a way of starting new life in pleasure and love. Without Love, its real meaning is removed. There may be a tendency for long periods of incarnation to be male or female – but this is related to the lessons to be learnt or because the being forces this approach. This is a very in-depth topic, suffice to say that inner balance of male and female energies is a must.

The natural situation of physical manifestation is not that of the self denying monk but the loving, mutually supporting family unit – giving and receiving in equality. Sexual love is one expression of that relationship and in balance and consummated in a loving way is right for this plane of existence. Enjoyment of sexual love in this context can enhance true spiritual development and bond and energize the partnership link. There may be circumstances in life where it is not possible for this love to be expressed: celibacy may then be a choice or forced through circumstances. Forms of dominating sex, steals energy from the other person and may lead to a temporary high in the one who steals it and a great low in the one who is stolen from.

Suppression of this ‘link’ can lead to negative energies building up but may be useful at certain times in our existence – IF this is a free or mutual choice. Several sensible religions use the rough rule of thumb – “20 years to learn, 20 years to experience and 20 years to devote yourself to God”. Only in those last 20 years will the individual consider celibacy.

“Good health depends upon the correct functioning of the etheric body, and this vehicle can be refined through the life forces contained in a correct diet with the emphasis upon fruit, vegetables, nuts, juices, honey and water. Devitalized foods, smoking and alcohol only serve to clog the nadis or mediums and eventually create poor health. Exercise and fresh air, combined with correct breathing, also serve to cleanse the etheric body, and right thinking has an important role to play.”

David Tansley – Subtle Bodies

Psychics or ‘sensitive’ may be very affected by crowds, if they haven’t learnt to contain their aura, near to the body in such situations. They may also often feel a lack of energy as it is un-consciously or consciously drained by people or situations.

Always sit quietly before entering psychic situations, eg. Before giving a reading. Sit quietly at night before going to sleep – psychics often very vivid dreams and wake up feeling tired, despite a full nights sleep – as they work in their dreams with and for Spirit.