Psychic or a Psychiatrist?


Please, PLEASE try not allow your need for answers to cloud your sensibility & get you hooked on using readers for everything, It is very easy to get taken in by a reader who says you need some continuing aftercare that requires you to make more calls. You should be given sound advice on how to deal with YOURSELF in your time of uncertainty.. not how to CONTROL people in the situation.

If a reader is less than authentic they can immediately pick up on your neediness and will USE that against you. This is exactly how you can get taken in and before you know it you will add ‘financial ruin’ to your list of problems because you have allowed yourself to become dependant on someone who will want to keep you that way to make money off of you. Psychics can become addictive just like anything else.

If you find yourself feeling guilty and sad after calling and wishing you had not done so, you need to sit down and seriously consider seeking a trained medical professional that deals with addictions and the UNDERLYING issues that cause them. A consultation with a psychic should only enhance and confirm what you have already TRIED to sort out for yourself in your life. When you have completed a consultation with a psychic advisor, you should feel content and at PEACE in your mind and heart. If you are NOT feeling these things, you have either talked to a reader who is NOT reading with integrity and from Spirit, or you have bigger problems then they can help you with in the first place.

I personally advise that ALL my clients try to develop their OWN abilities and seek answers from within, by reading books and searching the internet for information.