Super Geomagnetic Solar Storm Set for March 18, 2018

geomagnetic storm

Super Geomagnetic Solar Storm Set for March 18, 2018

How will it affect you? Please do some research into how these geomagnetic solar storms affect our physical bodies. There has been an increase in these storms in the past year and they seem to be getting more frequent and intense. This short article has some helpful advice to get you through it. ~Anna

Very interesting news my friends!

A magnetic storm will strike the entire planet on March 18, according to a graph of magnetic activity developed by the X-ray Solar Astronomy Laboratory of the Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

According to the graph, three days before the storm, on March 14, 16 and 17, geomagnetic alterations will be experienced. Before that period, the magnetosphere will be calm.

The magnetic storm that will reach Earth on March 18 will be the third since the beginning of this year . The first was registered on January 15 and the second on February 19.

What’s it mean? Well, it has long been established that magnetic storms not only affect the performance of equipment, upset radio communications, blackout radars, and disrupt radio navigation systems but also endanger living organisms. They change the blood flow, especially in capillaries, affect blood pressure, and boost adrenalin.

The young and fit couldn’t care less, but those who are older, may develop problems. They have to consider the state of magnetosphere in their daily plans. Before, people were glued to weather forecasts. Now they are obsessed with the geomagnetic situation.

What are Geomagnetic Storms?

Wikipedia describes geomagnetic storms as: “…a temporary disturbance of the Earth’s magnetosphere caused by a solar wind shock wave and/or cloud of magnetic field that interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field. The increase in the solar wind pressure initially compresses the magnetosphere. The solar wind’s magnetic field interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field and transfers an increased energy into the magnetosphere. Both interactions cause an increase in plasma movement through the magnetosphere (driven by increased electric fields inside the magnetosphere) and an increase in electric current in the magnetosphere and ionosphere.”

How Geo-Magnetic Storms Affect Us

Like solar flares, it is said by some that geo-magnetic storms actually help us receive energetic ‘downloads’ and ascend as we move from our physical body to our ‘lightbody’ (a higher energetic and spiritual state. moving closer to the higher dimensions). They offer us ‘upgrades’ and assist in the transmutation and changing of our DNA. This is a process, not something that happens overnight.

Geo-magnetic storms are highly transformational. They might be happening and you are not even aware of it and how it is influencing your daily life, as there are also symptoms associated with the phenomenon.

During a storm, you can expect any of the following:
-headaches or migraines
-​breathing issues
-​sleeping issues (such as insomnia, interrupted sleep, not getting a full night’s rest)
-tingly head (crown chakra activation)
-irritable mood
-losing items or they somehow mysteriously return
-time warps / glitches – you lose periods of time, or have odd experiences such as feeling like only a few minutes have passed and yet you look at the clock and it’s- –actually been an hour, or the other way around.
-being aware of other dimensions
-seeing or sensing spirits, heightened paranormal activity
-sudden insights and revelations that seem to come out of nowhere
-an experience known as the ‘Mandela Effect’
-technology / tele-communication devices, computer systems going haywire

Tips to Help You Cope

There are some things you can do to get you through such periods of intense and heightened solar / space activity (they are also helpful when you are experiencing any kind of energy affects).

​Here are some suggestions:

-​take epsom salt baths
-do anything that will help you relieve stress or anxiety
-magnesium supplements
-​drink a lot of pure water
-eat healthily
-​avoid or reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol
-try using relaxing aromatherapy
​-meditate more or do stillness, relaxation & breathing exercise
​-gentle exercise (but don’t overdo it)
​-get out into nature
-resolve to take it easy and go easy on yourself
-positive attitude and affirmations
-keep away from negative people and avoid drama
-How to Check Space Weather Activity

Flares are labelled as X, M, C or B class, in terms of their severity. X and M class are the ones to watch out for., as they are the most intense. The C and B level ones are fairly frequent and low level and probably don’t affect us that much or at all.

​You can try a website such as SPACE WEATHER. At the top of the left column there is a ‘Current Conditions’ section (note: you may not be able to access it as easily on your smartphone), and you will find solar flare activity recorded there with which class it is so you can know the level of severity. You can then scroll down to the ‘Planetary K-index’ section. This is where you can check for geomagnetic storms. The scale is updated every three hours and has a range from 0 to 9, “directly related to the maximum amount of fluctuation (relative to a quiet day) in the geomagnetic field over a three-hour interval.” It will say the Kp number, and whether there is a ‘storm.’ It might also say something like ‘strong’ also giving you an indication of its intensity. If you click on ‘more data’, pay attention to the graph. The red lines mean that there is a severe storm in action which will no doubt be impacting you and your life.

Original article can be found here: TETRIBE



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