Psychic Ratings and Feedback

Psychic Ratings and Feedback

It is Important if you are using an internet psychic site that uses the *five star* system to avoid anybody who has a rating of anything less. Unfortunately. it is too easy to get the five stars never mind anything less!!! Getting the wrong psychic advisor can lead to some real serious heartache and trouble especially if you are prone to listening and believing too much in what you are getting. Your OWN intuition should be followed above all else!

Feedback about a reader is very important. It gives you an indication of a reader’s abilities. I personally used to have a little diary book and I would get people to leave a comment at the end of a reading. I have 7 of those books now and they are very precious to me. I always made my prospective clients read one first. Any good reader should have something with feedback indicating their abilities and accuracy. USE that and really go through it. I don’t recommend anyone use a reader that does not have this.

The forum from which I operate on now has typewritten feedback indicating client’s experiences. Please read it FIRST before making any calls. It is unfortunate but this type of feedback forum can be manipulated and abused by the less than ethical advisor. I have heard cases of people sending free telephone minutes to their friends and acquaintances just to have a five star feedback with glowing words left. This is not fair to the seeker and taints the whole system. (I have long since quit this psychic telephone line (K#$N) and will never work on a site like that again!) ~Anna 2007 

Here are some indications that an advisor may ‘pad’ their feedback or the feedback may be less than fair and honest:

Seeing the same caller day after day…sometimes more than once or twice a day.GOOD indication that the caller is a friend or has been sent multiple free minutes to call that advisor and pad feedback.

Seeing comments from callers repeatedly thanking the advisor for free minutes. (The reader can be very generous and be sending out these minutes with genuine giving to regular clients or people in real need, BUT there are many that tend to send out free minutes that have a ‘catch’ to them ). If you ever receive free minutes from a psychic, use them with care. Be prepared to hang up after the minutes are up if you are not comfortable with that reader or they are trying to get you to add more money or they don’t connect with you immediately. Be wary of any free offers that ask you for something in return for those minutes, even if it IS only a five star rating.

Seeing a negative feedback followed by a glowing feedback that speaks negatively about the caller that left the negative feedback. Some people feel it a duty to a favorite advisor to protect them from others who find their reading less than good. That is all fine and good, but it is not fair. Some readers cannot connect with everybody and the caller needs to be free to express this. The whole purpose of a feedback forum is to get an idea of the reader, positive and negative. I have heard cases where a reader will actually call the Internet service they work for, whether it is Keen or whatever and have a negative feedback removed! Again this undermines the integrity of the whole system.

Be wary of the advisor that singles out a person that has left a less than 5 star feedback on their pages by making a retaliatory comment for that person. Every psychic advisor is going to have somebody unhappy with a reading at some point or other for a NUMBER of different reasons. It just means that the advisor is HUMAN and the person seeking the reading may not have wanted to hear the truth or the advisor could not connect on a level that the seeker was ‘expecting’. One or two clients being unhappy does NOT mean the psychic is bad or not real. I myself have had more than one person that has not been happy with a reading and I do admit it bothers me because I like to think that I am helping, BUT…that person has every right to feel as they do about my reading and express it honestly with out fear of my EGO being hurt. Unfortunately, I feel too many ‘psychics’ start to believe that they are infallible and SPECIAL. It clouds their true purpose and the fact that they are ONLY ‘messengers’…no BETTER or worse than the postman that delivers your mail messages, the panhandler in the street that delivers the message of compassion for others or the terrorist that delivers the message that hatred only brings sorrow and suffering. We are ALL ‘messengers’ in some form or other.

Finally when reading feedback, trust your own instincts!…Your own feelings will tell you if something feels OFF about the overall feedback on a psychic. I find if very sad that we as seekers of answers and TRUTH have to be so wary of people claiming to have gifts and be of a higher Spiritual nature, but it is big business and when money is involved it turns even some of the most gifted people into something less than pure of intent.