Karmic Relationships – When Conflict Spans Lifetimes


When there is a particularly traumatic event in a past life which leaves a karmic imprint, very often another person is involved and there is unfinished business between you. When this occurs you may both, when planning your next incarnations, decide to create the opportunity to finish that unresolved business and to clear the karma between you. If you do not you will both have to reincarnate for lifetime after lifetime until you have resolved the issue together.

Every person you have any connection with in your life is there for a reason, perhaps to clear karma or to remind you of your lessons in this lifetime or both. It may be to help you on your spiritual journey even if you have not ‘met’ before. This applies to your biological family, to your friends, to your colleagues, many of whom will have kept you company through many lifetimes. Your mother may have been your brother, hunting companion, cousin, daughter. Your husband may have been your work rival, your son, your teacher, and so on. These relationships do not have to be karmic, where there is an unresolved issue or debt between you from the past or present, but can quite simply be based on love. It is not necessary to know the past lives you have had together, indeed, it is not always helpful to focus on the past out of mere curiosity when there is the present to enjoy. Psychic insight or past life regression carried out by a professional is of benefit where you are in a stuation that is causing you particular difficulty or stress.

There may be a pattern to all your karmic relationships and often it is one to do with power and control in some form or other. Just as you yourself can get into a karmic cycle which keeps you trying to learn the same hard lesson again and again, so it can happen between two people or even a family group that you both or all of you come into a lifetime to resolve a particular karmic issue between you that has been going on endlessly. The intention is always that in each lifetime through your mutual efforts and learning you will have a clear balance sheet between you at the end of it, but this does not always happen.

People often come together in a relationship to resolve a particular karmic issue and when that is done they can choose whether to allow the relationship to continue or whether to part, the job completed. If you have been in a partnership that has been particularly painful, it may be there was a catalyst which caused one or other of you to decide to end it. Making the decision, taking control of the situation, can be exactly what is needed to balance the karma between you.

If you are in a difficult relationship situation now, whether it is at work or within your family, have a look at the patterns within that relationship and see if it could be karmic. If it is, then one of you needs to do something to redress the karmic imbalance, otherwise it will continue to perpetuate itself within this lifetime or the next.

This is an extract from “Spiritual Wisdom”.

Source by Claire Montanaro

*****UPDATE to this article..PLEASE READ and follow link*****

The preceding article is a belief many have been indoctrinated into and followed closely by many, myself included. I came to a higher awareness through personal  experiences that we are being manipulated to believe that we have no choice in karma or the power to release it all in one lifetime. Please take the time to read the article I am linking here and for those that are ready to see, it will be clear that we have so much more power than what we have told! Cameron Day–lords of Karma

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