Psychic Con Artist


Avoid advisors who tells you to call back daily or even weekly. Call when you feel a need to call, not when you are told to call. There are many so called psychics that will tell you…”I have to meditate for you. Call back in 3 hours or tomorrow.” or whatever. “Come and see me again next Thursday…and bring more money”… AVOID totally. These people are what give the real true psychics a bad reputation. Avoid calling advisors who ask you to stay on the phone to do candle burnings, buy talismans, crystals etc., do silent meditations & prayers, etc. They will tell you about bad ‘karma,’ ‘luck’, ‘juju’, ‘mojo’, ‘curses’, ‘entities’, ‘negative energies’ WHATEVER! ….They will tell you bad things can happen/are happening if you do not do it. They will say your aura needs cleansing or you have a curse on you or you have an entity attached to you or say this about a significant other. They will say your luck will be miraculously changed if you spend a ridiculous amount of money to do so. They work on people’s fears, negativity. They are not for real and do not listen to them. They want you to believe that it is all your fault, or that you can control another human being using ‘methods’.

A candle burning or meditation or oil/potion/tool will not make someone come to you nor will it instantly remove your fears and learned negative thinking patterns! That takes work and time using your own will to change. You can use these methods to enhance changing your life and finding positive ways to deal with it. The catholic religion has burned candles and used ritual for 100’s of years now. Wiccans and Pagans also use such methods. There is nothing wrong with this. What is wrong is anybody charging huge amounts of money to do this for you .

I have link that gives you free candle magic and meditation/affirmation information, and even simple spells ….please try these first before you spend hundreds of dollars on flakes. If you ever are asked to send money to have “curses” removed or to buy “spell candles” etc…please don’t do it. These are all money making scams. I have to add a personal note here…I do believe in outside energies/entities being able to affect you adversely. This can happen when your are vulnerable to that sort of thing…but I can guarantee you that nobody is going to be able to help you through the mail or on a telephone. This type of thing takes one on one work with a REAL true ‘spiritualist or shaman’. If you think that this may be happening to you, please email me and I will try to help you find someone in your area that can assist you in the work you need to do to change it. If any psychic advisor is sincere and true, they will not charge you horrific amounts of money for you to depend on them or con you into believing they can work miracles! You need to be directed on how to gain self-empowerment, not spend all your money on phone calls or some candles or other guaranteed method to get what you want!!!…oh…and those psychics that can “guarantee to reunite you with your soulmate”???…COME ON people!!!…I wonder if those same psychics sell swamp land in Florida?

I felt that I had to add this to this particular section as I am hearing more and more about this scenario between readers and callers and I feel it is also a ‘con’ to a certain degree.

I have heard numerous accounts about the psychic advisors that gets on the phone and acts like they are your best friend in the world. If you call them regularly, they can begin to feel to you like they are. Please don’t misunderstand. There are many readers out there who truly do care about their clients and want to help you, and there is nothing wrong with genuinely liking your advisor…BUT unfortunately there are a good many readers who will do anything to get your money, including act like your “best friend”. I feel that there is a good way to determine who is for real and who is ultimately wanting your money as the final outcome. This applies more to the telephone readers rather than those that you seek out in real life. Once you make initial contact and feel like you really connect with your reader you will find that most will send you unsolicited free minutes for an update call. Now this is great, and I feel warranted, if you spend a fair amount of money on your calls. I personally prefer it if people request minutes as I know who is in real need and who is just ‘psychic surfing’. Here is the what you need to stop and evaluate in this situation. When you use those minutes, does your reader actually ‘read’ for you?…or do they use those minutes to talk to you like an old friend calling up to say ‘hi’?…do you find that you are adding money every time you use those free minutes? Do you find yourself feeling ‘guilty or obligated’ to add money because they sent you the minutes? Do they send you free minutes more than once a month unless you request them? Simple questions and if you answered “yes” to any of them, maybe it is time to reconsider why they keep sending you the minutes?. If they want to be your real friend, they will offer you their home number or an alternate means of talking to them where you do not have to payfor the ‘friendship’. I would also hope that a reader would actually discourage you from becoming dependent on them for frequent psychic advice and steer you in a direction that allows you to empower yourself and your life.

Some tell tale signs to look for on a psychics site:

***%100 accurate—NO SUCH THING PEOPLE!

***I can reunite you with your lost love—UMMM…NO THEY CAN’T!!

*** I have read for “so & so big name”, “Everybody comes to MEMEME” (ego shining through, this is a huge sign…most truly good psychic readers will list some credentials but with humility to temper there claims with the understanding that they are not all-knowing, all-powerful. If you see to much “I am the greatest of them all” type advertising—RUN!)

***any type of GUARANTEE other then “money back if not satisfied”—THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES with a reading…sorry, but it is the truth for any and all readers. There are many great readers with high accuracy of course but none that prove %100 accurate!

Bottom line is trust your own instincts, you will get an uneasy feeling—LISTEN TO THAT!