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Pharrah13 Psychic Accuracy

Any reader or psychic who claims to be %100 accurate, walk away! There is NO SUCH THING as total accuracy. Anyone claiming that is LYING to you and themselves. In any reading there are possible outcomes & scenarios but YOU & anyone else involved in the situation has the free will & choice & may choose a different route…which could make the predicted outcome change.

Normally this is a common occurrence with time.. People often ask ” WHY did this not happen in the TIME FRAME predicted?”..the only simple answer is that the only place time is truly measurable is in our 3-dimensional world. As a reader, my information comes from a ‘place’ where time is not so easy to measure. There are also many different levels of ‘connection’ and many readers are more empathic and can read from your thoughts and emotions rather than the higher realms. It IS a very complicated thing to try and explain. I find it very sad that people are given a time frame for instance of 3 weeks. Great. So for 3 weeks you put your life on hold, to WAIT for that 3 weeks to pass by. For whatever reason it DOES go by and NOTHING happens as predicted. You are not only disappointed, let down, and frustrated, but most times you will go back to ANOTHER psychic and ask the same question and more than likely get the same answer with a DIFFERENT time frame.

I do not believe there are many psychics that can predict time to ANY degree of accuracy. A psychic is NEVER %100. Most can be about %50-%75 accurate. Unfortunately the ones with the HIGHER but not TOTAL accuracy are the ones that can bring the most heartache to people. I say this because these people can give you accuracy a few times or even MOST times and bring you to FULLY TRUST that they can do that all the time. I personally tell people if it happens in a time frame I give GREAT…and more often than not it does, but if it doesn’t, DON’T panic. Bottom line, try not to be so terribly concerned about exact time as OVERALL accuracy of the predicted events of your reading.

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