Getting a Second Opinion


If you are truly uncertain of one readers answers & want to confirm with another reader, only use another psychic that is ethical and honest.  If you have a ‘need’ to hear what you want to hear from somebody, don’t waste your money. Find out the underlying issues behind why you are so insecure and needy. That is more important then any relationship you could want to be in. If you are using a telephone psychic service, use only one where you can read about your psychic reader BEFORE you make a call…there are many sites like this. Read their feedback over a period of at least 2 months to find consistency in! (Like any other decision you make to find something important to you, you need to do the RESEARCH!)

The very best way to find someone is through referral….ask others about their experiences before you spend your money. When you find somebody that you like, stick with them. Use only 2 or 3 good ethical readers that have been accurate for you as well as others. Consistency is the number one indicator. Do not be afraid that your reader may get to ‘know you’ too well. If you have picked the right readers in the first place, they will be of a caliber that do not read with ego and logic…which would be using their personal opinions of previous circumstances in your situation on the next reading. If you ‘feel’ that they are giving you a reading based on previous memory of you, then they probably are.

Online psychics can claim many things about themselves, i.e.: “I read for royalty…movie stars…the President/Pope/Cleopatra-in-another-Life!!”…”I may charge you a fortune, but I give it all to charity” ..blah blah blah… my point is anybody  can claim anything, doesn’t mean it is TRUTH. It is easier to see in real life what you are getting. Cyberspace and telephones allow for claims that are impossible to prove one way or another. Online feedback needs to reflect ability, accuracy & integrity. NOT what the advisor does with their money [that is not relevant to why you are seeking advice?] or ‘who’  they advise [YOU are just as important as any movie star or high profile persona!].

There are also many readers who use false pictures on their sites of beautiful men and woman and when you call them they make you feel like you have found an ‘angel’ and that these ‘beautiful’ readers really care about you. The pictures are not real and neither are they. You need to question anyone that puts up false claims and false pictures…if they are falsely advertising themselves, what kind of readings are they giving you? Here is a good indicator for you to follow…when surfing sites that allow you to ‘see’ the psychic and read about them. LOOK at their picture. Read over their site a few times. Now stop and just sit. Does anything about the site make you ‘uneasy’?? If you can say yes and not even know why you said it, DO NOT USE THEM! Very simple method. I have talked to many, many people and the same theme keeps reoccurring…”you know, there was ‘something’ about the picture, the words on the page, the initial first minute of conversation, their feedback”…whatever!…where the person felt an uneasiness about the reader they used. This uneasiness never fails you. Trust it and listen to it. That is the ‘psychic and intuitive’ part of YOU that is working. If you have the opportunity to leave feedback for someone, please do so. Make it honest and reflective of your reading. Every advisor you ever use should always be professional and courteous and nice to you…that is a given. You do not need to tell others about the ‘personality’ unless your reader been rude to you. Feedback needs to reflect ability and accuracy with predictions and outcomes and their ability to truly help you. NEVER be afraid to leave your honest opinion of a reader for fear of that reader retaliating in some way or other callers trashing you. [this seems to be a common occurrence on some top readers feedback forums on top live advice sites]. If this happens, report these people right away! You PAY for a service. Never allow a reader to tell you how to leave your feedback or what you must write. Anybody that asks you to leave them only a 5-star feedback needs to exposed. Nice  is not good enough, nor is trying…again, ABILITY, ACCURACY and ETHICS are what count.

I really hope that you got something useful from reading these pages and I thank you so much for taking the time to go through it. I am grateful for what I do and I take it very seriously. It breaks my heart to hear stories of how people’s lives were hurt by unethical psychics and I feel it is a duty to my gift to educate anyone who wants to know this information I have provided. I can’t save everyone from bad experiences with readers and some people may even need to learn some life lesson from being ‘taken’ in some way. If you know of others who go to psychics for guidance and you feel this may help them, send them to this page.