Beware of Spiritual Wolves

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If there is one thing I have learned it is to follow no one. There is no human alive that has all truth and some sprinkle a good body of truth with just enough lies and misdirection to make them very dangerous if you have not learned how to discern with your own inner guidance. This applies to gurus, psychics, energy healers, shaman and anyone else that says that in order to awaken and ascend you must follow their teachings. Just NO. The following article is perfectly written:

Beware of Spiritual Wolves~~
In the 20’s and the 30s, what was once kept hidden in mystery schools was beginning to be released. Many earthbound teachers made available to the masses some of these spiritual truths. In the 60’s, some of these truths began to take form in the material world as an age of freedom; an age of love and peace, etc…. This “New Age” movement was to bring forth divinity and mastery within each person. It was to set humanity free from its limitations of consciousness.

In the mid 80’s, something shifted in our original plan that we didn’t like to see. What we started so many years ago had fallen far away from the original vision. The movement had begun to imprison devout seekers through unscrupulous spiritual wolves. Unfortunately this movement has become a safe haven for those who would want to control, limit and deceive you. Because of this breakdown of the original vision, we have had other meetings to decide what can be done about this. It is time for plan B.

Today, we hope that what we share with you, will help you flush the spiritual wolves out from this movement and your life, so that you can take back your spiritual power and take charge of your destiny. We would like to give you some guidelines, so you can discern which spiritual teachers are worthy of your trust and clear out others that are not. We hope to help you discover which ones are the spiritual wolves in sheep’s clothing. Plan B not only helps you take your rightful spiritual power back, but also deepens the original vision beyond what we first thought possible. With plan B, you will not only be informed and wise about the light, but you will also be savvy as to how the darkness can deceive you by using it. In their convoluted deceptions, you will become stronger.

The spiritual teachings that we (The Masters of Light) brought out into the world taught unconditional love, trust, non-judgment and impeccability. Unfortunately, there are many in the world that use these very spiritual concepts to control, confuse, and use you for self gratification, and to send you spiraling in the wrong direction. But before we go any farther, we want to be very clear that we still believe that unconditional love, trust and non-judgment is the only way to live so as to raise yourself to higher levels and obtain mastery.

Unfortunately, a majority of the New Age movement has become just like the rest of the world; an industry and a money making machine that has no real compassion or caring for the flock. We want to say right here and now that it’s not wrong to make money if you have a gift or calling to share with the world. It is the world and the times that you live in. What we are talking about are those that use your trust, purity, and your unconditional innocence, not as a power to be reckoned with, but as a weakness to be abused and taken advantage of.

First . . . Spiritual wolves know the unconscious program called “It is not spiritual to disagree with spiritual teachings or a teacher”. In your world, you say it is “ALL IS GOOD”. Unfortunately, the wolves in the flock know this about this program. They know that they can do what they want to, and you will stand by and pretend to radiate light when inside you are feeling something is really wrong. They know that you will not stand up to them, because you will be instantly shunned by your spiritual family for speaking out, and for “rocking the boat”. They will say you are judgmental, and not unconditionally loving. Didn’t I (Jeshua), we (the Ascended Masters) show you many examples of how to stand up to injustices? Did I/we ever say it is all good? You are part of this collective and what you do within this collective is how the world will shape itself. If you can see something as false, it is your job, your destiny, to turn your back on it and starve the vital energy source right from its hungry mouth. You might even feel the need to stand up and strip away the illusions for all to see. It will be your choice which way you go.

Spiritual wolves know about the unconscious program called “if the teachings are complex and hard to understand, it must be true even though you can not understand them in the present moment.” Many teachers use spiritual intellectualism to control you and get you to come back for more. They play on your insecurities and feeling of not being good enough. When I (Jeshua) shared the truth from the Father, I talked in a way that all would receive the truth. The more evolved you are in your understandings, the deeper you could take this truth. One and all would get something from what I shared. The truth is easy and transcends all culture, race and religion. Truth is simple.

Spiritual wolves know that “if they are from a ancient native culture, that we think they have something we need, or something we lost.” These wolves know you are blinded by their culture. They use their costumes as a smoke screen to suck you in and use your light and energy. Always remember to pick your native teachers by their rightful, truthful actions; not by their words or costumes. Use great discretion, look beyond their heritage, and ask what is their motivation. If they are motivated by the light of Spirit, they will not want to control you; but instead empower you.

Many spiritual wolves use pain, suffering and harsh tests to manipulate your sub-conscious mind. Many victimized seekers will fall pray to these ones as many seekers come from abusive pasts. The past abuses is what made you a seeker in the first place, but pain can be used to help or hurt you. Pain opens doors much faster and much deeper into the sub-conscious than love at this time. This is why you have a harder time letting go of painful events than joyful ones. Pain goes very deep. For some of you, hard tests and pain might be your chosen path and your greatest teacher. For others of you, will use joy and bliss. And by the way, you don’t need pain or suffering to grow spiritually. Keep your eyes open to those who use pain to manipulate and control you versus awaken and empower you. Which path you chose to awaken yourself is up to you.

Other spiritual wolves can rob your energy while emanating an illusion of love and light, in order to confuse the truth. This one is the hardest to discern as it is very clever. They can lull you into an altered semi-hypotonic state in which the unscrupulous teacher can manipulate you. You can’t fight against the huge wall of faux love and light without a huge back lash from your community. So it is difficult to stand up to one who is playing this game. Remember . . . listen to what they are saying. But also look at how you are feeling. If you feel that your energy is being sucked dry . . . , you are in the presence of a spiritual vampire.

The New Age movement has also become a comfortable haven to many sexually predators. They use their power and position to lure you into sexual contact saying that it is a time honored, ancient practice only shared with a rare and chosen few. In your innocence and great desire to learn life’s mysteries, you are vulnerable to ones who do not honor your personal boundaries. Your feelings are your truth. If you are not comfortable don’t do it.

Spiritual wolves will flatter your ego, but will leave you hungry for more. A spiritual wolf will demand obedience rather than suggest or guide you. Wolves do not honor your free will to choose. Wolves believe in big tests instead of nudging you in the right direction. They are always looking to increase their number of followers and use their followers to make themselves seem more important, even famous. You may feel imprisoned instead of being empowered. They like you to be dependant instead of independent. They will intrude instead of respecting your space, and push rather than support. Wolves promote exclusivity instead of teaching unity and are very status oriented. Many will use fear over promoting well-being. Spiritual wolves will judge others and claim ultimate authority. They love to offer spiritual shortcuts, spiritual phenomena and grand ceremonial shows. They seek personal gratification sexually, monetarily and otherwise. They do not care about the good of the whole. They are not givers, but takers.

We want you to know that there is no greater teacher than yourself, but also remember that you do learn from your friends and comrades on the path. There are a multitude of great teachers out in the world with your best interest in mind. Supporting these ones is supporting truth. Having like minded souls to help you remember is so vitally important and gives one a sense of community.

If you have noticed, you seam to go through teachers often. This is why. We call this the Spiritual teacher voltage meter. Your growing fast and raising your vibration to higher and higher levels. You might have begun at a 110 voltage. But many have gone to 220, 440 and even higher. When you get past a certain level, you may begin to see flaws in your present teachers. This is not because they are wrong or a fraud, but just that you have grow past them and are ready for something deeper and more evolved. Their voltage is not enough to keep you plugged in anymore. It is time to find a teacher that has more voltage so you can raise yourself.

Another way to look at this . . . we are all in a bicycle race together. Sometimes we pass a few people on the path and sometimes they pass us. But we are all in the same race. This is the race to enlightenment and liberation! Even though the spiritual path is not a competitive sport, it was a good analogy. So we ask you, before you judge your current teacher/friend, ask yourself “Am I ready to move on? Did I learn what I needed from this person?” If so, move on. If you hold back out of false loyalty, you will hold all those around you back also. Outgrowing a teacher is a wonderful event that your teacher also should recognize.

Our last thought is also a reminder . . . remember you are your own best teacher . . . but if you do reach for help outside yourself, as you often do, please be discerning as to whom you let in and what truth you accept as your own. Don’t stay somewhere you have outgrown. Don’t be blinded by a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or fall for the smoke and mirrors trick. Don’t be afraid to stand up to the wolves. You will be surprised how quickly they deflate when you shine the light of truth on illusion. Their power was stolen from you and others, and is not authentic. With accelerating energies on the planet earth their days are numbered anyway. But until that day when only light and truth prevails always walk your path with love, peace, compassion and impeccability, whether you’re a teacher or student, or even an unaware humble master.~

~Aluna Joy, channelled reading from Jeshua and the Great White Brother/Sister Hood


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