Psychic Advice with Pharrah13

Psychic Advice with Pharrah13 Anna Ellington

Psychic Readings

All readings are done by appointment only. Please contact me at to arrange a reading.

Please Note: Recently their have been some web server issues resulting in missed emails. Please feel free to contact me again if your email was not responded to.


15 minutes = $75
30 minutes = $150
1 hour = $200

My name is Anna. I am a clairvoyant psychic with clairaudient and empathic psychic abilities. I have been using my psychic gift to help others by offering private and confidential phone psychic readings for over 20 years. I have created this site with the intention of trying to help educate, empower and share with you this psychic gift.

My commitment to my gift and my sense of integrity towards people seeking answers will not allow me to do a live psychic readings just for the sake of making a dollar. I will only do a reading if I feel I am able to give the seeker 100% of myself and my energy. I know how frustrating it can be when you feel a need for an immediate reading and I am not available to do so, but I strive for quality not quantity. Some readings are more intense and require more energy than others. I will not take on more appointments then I know my energy will allow.

You will find I discourage frequent readings. It is simply a waste of my time and your money. Calling me before events and timing have had a chance to play out is not going to speed up an outcome! Please read my article on psychic dependency, if you read nothing else on this site!

Phone Psychic readings as well as online and email readings are meant to be used for guidance only and are not meant to replace any professional help in the fields of medicine, law, psychiatry or financial planning. You should also never use a psychic reading to make your decisions for you. Always trust your own intuition and inner guidance first. In the end you must make your own choices.

Choosing A Psychic for Advice

Please browse through the numerous informational articles offering advice on choosing a psychic and how to obtain accurate psychic advice. Learn how to protect yourself from blatant psychic fraud!

Please take some time to educate yourself before investing any money in a psychic reading. You could possibly save yourself some heartache.